#CharlotteOliviaStyles – HOW TO STYLE WHITE JEANS

#CharlotteOliviaStyles – HOW TO STYLE WHITE JEANS

Hello and welcome to my new blog series Styling With Charlotte Olivia. I have always loved putting an outfit together and something I have been keen to do for a while is show you lovely lot how to style various items. I know that it can be hard to work out how to style a trend or work something into your wardrobe when you have no idea where to start. Hopefully this series will will give you the inspiration and styling tips you need to incorporate the trends into your wardrobe.

I thought we’d kick start it off with a classic spring piece – White jeans

It’s got to be said, white denim isn’t the easiest to style but I think these simple ways to wear should hopefully help you replicate these looks with your own wardrobe. 

Styling White Jeans – The casual way 

The easiest way to style a pair of jeans is with a t shirt and since spring is in the air why not choose a coloured tee to add interest to the look. Granted a nude pink tee isn’t exactly colourful but if you’re like me and stick to neutrals at all times, this could be a good way to start. If you go for a slightly looser fit and tuck it in, it will show off your waist and make the outfit look a little more put together. 

In terms of footwear, if you’re going casual you might as well make the whole look casual. For this look, I have gone for a kind of matching pair of pink trainers. They don’t have to be matching but I felt as those they finished off the look perfectly and brought everything together. A pair of white trainers or light coloured trainers would also work perfectly. If you’re not a trainer gal, a pair of flats or low heeled sandals in a nude or light colour would also team perfectly with this outfit. 

To finish off the look, I have added a tan bag. This finishes off the look and works well with the neutral tones within the outfit. Black would look too harsh here as there is no other black within the outfit – so if you’re going neutral, keep everything neutral. 


Styling white jeans – For the smart casual gal

Sometimes going full on casual doesn’t work for the occasion or your lifestyle so going smart casual is a good way to go. If you’re going to go for this look, you need to make sure you have the right balance between smart and casual. This means you want to make sure your top is smart and your shoes are casual and visa versa. 

For this look, I have teamed a printed oversized shirt which is half tucked in to give it more of a casual vibe. Printed items can instantly elevate a look and can make your white jeans really pop. For footwear, I have kept it casual and teamed by black vans with the outfit. This is an outfit where black works perfectly as it matches the black running through the shirt. This means that I had to finish off the look with my classic Chloe Faye. If you wanted to add a bit of colour – Adding in a bright accessory is the time to do it. 


Styling white jeans – For the evening 

There are many different ways you could style whit jeans for the evening but since I am quite a casual gal, I have gone along that route. The basis of the outfit is pretty simple. I have teamed the jeans with a cute black cropped tee which is fitted so it shows off the body and a little bit of stomach – something you dont see me showing off much during the day. 

To keep that matchy matchy look which I have to admit, I really love, I have teamed the look with these gorgeous black mule which really elevate the look and make it much for evening appropriate. To add an extra smart evening touch, I have thrown on this tan blazer which brings the look together and adds that finishing touch. 



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