Going to a new place can be daunting and can be hard to know where to start, especially when you have no idea whats good or where to go. You end up  just sat on your phone googling places hoping that what it says online is actually what you’re looking for. 

I feel like recommendations make life so much easier and often make an experience so much better. Before heading to bath I was sent a few recommendations from various people which did not disappoint and I feel like its only right to share them with you. 

P L A C E S   T O   G O


If you’re going to take a trip to bath, you’v got to go to the spa…it would be rude not to. We went for a 2 hour session which was £36 each. This allowed you experience the roof top pool, indoor pool and saunas. Im not usually someone who would particularly enjoying that much relaxation all at once but It was so enjoyable and whilst I spent most of my time floating around a pool, I did feel incredibly relaxed after. It is a beautiful spa and would highly recommend going. If you’re  wanting to make the most out of the experience, I would recommend also getting a treatment alongside the pool session. 


It is always nice to learn a little bit of history behind a town. The Roman Baths are located right in the middle of town (you wont miss it) and is really interesting if you’re into your history. Me and Alex didn’t spend too much time in there as it wasn’t a huge amount of interest to us BUT I would recommend going as its nice to see the history behind The Roman Baths and why the baths were so popular. 


This is kind of a trourist thing and isnt really that exciting but it does make a beaut backdrop for blog photos. I took a few outside of the Royal Crescent hotel as it had some beautiful greenery across the front of it. If you are wanting to see all aspects of Bath and the history behind it, this is a good one to go and visit – not too far from the town centre.

P L A C E S   T O   E A T


This is possibly the best restaurant I have ever been to. It is set in an underground cave looking setting with an expensive touch. Its an occasion kind of restaurant. The service is incredible and the food and drink was really reasonably priced so you get this expensive looking meal and atmosphere for a really good price. It was so good that I didn’t even have to pour my own drink. One thing to note – it is incredibly hard to get a reservation as its always booked up. So get in there quick if you’re heading to Bath as it one you don’t want to miss out on. 


This pub is situated just round the corner from the Royal Crescent and has that lovely english pub feel with a modern twist. The food was so lovely and you really do feel like you’re in the countryside which I think is quite nice when you’re in a town/city. Would 100% recommend if you’re exploring around that area and looking for somewhere to eat. 


This place serves the best pizza ever. It was like a homemade pizza but curated like well oiled machine. Honestly it was incredible AND they do a deal where you get a glass of prosecco or beer and a pizza for £10 which you’re hardly going to say no to. This is right next to the record shop I have spoken about in places to shop. 


The place to go if you want a hearty breakfast/brunch. Me and Alex has a cooked breakfast and it was amazing. Exactly what I needed before our journey back home. They did an array of different breakfast and brunch meals so there is something for everyone. 


This pub is situated right in the centre of town and had the cute countryside feel which you gotta just love in a pub. The perfect place to go for a drink before or after your meal. They do actually serve food there but we only went for a drink or two. Lovely little pub that I feel like you might miss if you didn’t know it was there. Highly recommend. 


This is another one of those hidden places but well worth a visit if you’re into your alcohol/cocktails. It has a very medieval interior which really works for the style of bar it is. One thing to note – the cocktails are incredibly strong so if you’re like me and cant really stomach that extent of alcohol maybe give it a miss or go for something classic rather than a cocktail. 

P L A C E S   T O   S H O P 


This shop is where furniture dreams are made. It’s the most instagrammable furniture/home shop I have ever seen. Even if you don’t buy anything, its worth looking in purely for its beauty. If I had my own home, I would have bought many things in there. 


A fan of beautiful magazines? this is the shop for you. I love myself an arty non commercial magazine. They truly are just so beautiful and beat any of the classic magazines you can get at the super market. This shop is jam packed full of magazines and you bet your bottom dollar, I bought a couple. They also have a website – here – if you are interested but not planning on heading to bath anytime soon. 


Now this was one of those places we stumbled upon and I had zero interest in but Alex is a lover of a vinyl record and if you are too, this is THE place for you. The store has a retro style which is very in keeping with the idea of the shop. Probably the nicest record shop I have ever come across but had so many incredibly records available to buy. It’s a little out of town but worth it if you’re a vinyl fan. 


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