Fast Fashion and why I am choosing to steer away from it.

Fast Fashion and why I am choosing to steer away from it.

Every single day retailers release new clothing to their stores/websites to get more and more of us buying from their company. Unfortunately we live in a world where clothing can be cheaply made and sold at a much higher price, in turn earns the company profit. Fast fashion is something that we are seeing more of across the high street. Its essentially where all the money is.

Stores see something on the catwalk and create a cheaper version which is then more affordable for people like us who can’t afford to pay the money for a designer item. Basically we’re getting the look for a lot less.

As a blogger, you want to promote and talk about the latest trends. A lot of the trends we see fit into the fast fashion category. Trends are constantly changing which makes us buy into more and more styles that perhaps we’re only doing because all of the shops are kind of telling us to. For example, you see a zebra print top in one shop, you better your bottom dollar about 8 other shops also have a zebra top. Before you know it, you’re lusting after a printed top you would have never bought had it been a one off piece. I guess it’s that idea of the more you see something, the more you must have it.

I am lucky enough to be contacted by an array of brands and it’s got to be said a lot talk to the fast fashion trends. There is only so much snake print you can take before you start thinking am I buying into this because I love it or because I must wear snake print because it’s popular. How much snake print do you actually need? Im not saying its wrong to have loads of snake print in your wardrobe but there does come a point where you are essentially buying into the same things just different versions of it.

This whole situation has really got me thinking about what is actually worth spending my money on and when to invest my money into those fast fashion trends. Being a blogger, I will always want to spend money on fast fashion pieces as it’s what makes fashion what it is but I do think, in order to not over spend on things, you have to pick right trends. The ones you believe are worth your money. For example, satin skirts are HUGE at the moment and I have to admit I have bought into the trend and will continue to do so as I love the idea of a satin skirt. Do I need more than 1, probably not but the shops are telling me, I need more.

I have taken this opportunity to strip my wardrobe back. Go back to those wardrobe staples I see myself gravitating towards every day. The pieces that I will go back to time and time again. I know that I will always love a good pair of jeans, white t shirts, cream knits, black boots, trainers, cosy coats and cute summer dresses. These are my wardrobe essentials, the pieces that make the base of my wardrobe.

I am at a point in my life where I want to be saving for a flat or house and something has got to give in order to make sure I actually save money. Cutting out some of the fast fashion pieces, Is the way I am going to do this. When it comes to buying new pieces for my wardrobe, Im thinking about the long term. How can I wear it now and how can I wear if for the up coming seasons? take my recent purchase of a pair of Dr Martens for example. I bought them as I have been living in my chunky boots from Topshop and I knew that I wanted a pair that would last me a long time. Seeing as winter ends in about a month or so, It would seem silly to buy into a winter boot BUT I bought the boots in mind to wear with cute summer dresses. The type of boots to wear to a festival or just to edge up an outfit. I bought them with summer in mind knowing full well I could wear them now. I want to know that what I am spending my money on, is going to take my though to the next season or if it isn’t, I want to know i’m not breaking the bank.

Im now looking at investment pieces more than I am the fast fashion on trend pieces. Maybe it’s me growing up or maybe it’s being exposed to the world of fashion and how much money I am wasting on items that I wear a few times and either chuck away or sell.

I would love to know your thoughts on this. Do you invest your money into fast fashion trends? or are you a wardrobe essentials kinda gal with a splash of fast fashion to add a bit of interest to your look?


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  1. venus aby
    February 12, 2019 / 11:44 am

    Great post! It’s so important that we’re being more mindful about fast fashion, especially because of what it’s doing to the environment and to the people suffering from bad working conditions who make these fashion pieces. You can never go wrong with making an investment in items that would last a long time. I’ve had my Dr Martens for about 3 years now, and they’re still going strong, haha!

    venus |

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