Winter has well and truly arrived and to be honest with you, I completely forgot what cold weather was like after that amazing summer we had. Now that the colder weather is here, we have to start thinking about how we’re going to layer those every day outfits to suit those chilly days. 

As much as I hate the cold, I absolutely love winter fashion and love styling outfits at this time of year. If you’re not a clothes obsessed human like me, it can be quite difficult to know what to wear this season without looking like you’ve got the same outfit on everyday. 

When it comes to styling during winter, I like to stick to the essentials and work from there. These are essentially your core pieces which you can mix with a variety of different pieces to create different looks. 

My Winter Essentials

Winter Essential No.1 – R O L L N E C K / T – S H I R T

As you know, I am a sucker for a t-shirt…especially a white one…but at this time of year, you need a little extra warmth so the best option is to swap your tee for a roll neck tee or if that doesn’t take your fancy, go for a long sleeve tee. T-shirts/roll necks are great for layering under knits, blazers, hoodies…whatever takes your fancy. There one of those pieces that you wear every single day but no one ever sees them. I often resort to wearing random slogan tees I have in my wardrobe which don’t go with my outfit but because no one will see…there is nothing to worry about. 

Topshop sell some fab basics at this time of year as well as Asos, new look and Zara.

Winter Essential No.2 – J E A N S

I don’t know about you but as soon as the colder weather hits, I instantly get drawn to wearing jeans. I think it’s because they’re super easy to style and keep you warm. The good thing about jeans is that there is so many different styles to choose from so you can easily switch it up daily. My current favourite jeans are the mom/straight fit which you have most likely seen all over Instagram. Saying that, I do love a pair of black skinnies teamed with a knit and boots. Jeans are great for creating simple classic outfits that are the perfect go to look. 

———————L A Y E R I N G T I P: Wear tights under jeans———————

I know you’ve probably heard this one before but for those of you who haven’t…listen up. When the super cold weather hits, you instantly want to layer up in every way possible and wearing 2 pairs of jeans isn’t exactly a normal thing to do BUT throwing on a pair of tights under your jeans…is. Like the t-shirt i mentioned earlier, no one will see them. You will no they’re there but to everyone else, you’re just wearing a classic pair of jeans. 

Winter Essential No.3 – K N I T S

This one is a given. We all know that knitwear is an essential at this time of year. I actually live in knitwear in the winter and am forever adding to my collection. When it comes to essential knits, you want to stick to classic colours such as cream, nude, black and grey. You know that these colours are the easiest to style and will go with an array of different pieces. If you’re going to start your winter wardrobe with the classic pieces, these are the colours to stick to. Obviously if you’re more of a bright colour kinda person by all means stick to the colours you know best. Ultimately, you want to buy into the knitwear pieces you are going to get the most wear out of and will go with the rest of your wardrobe. 

My favourite places to buy knitwear is Zara and H&M. They always have such cosy knits and often do the oversized fit that I cant seem to stay away from. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, Missgudied and Primark do some fab knits at a cheaper price.

Winter Essential No.4 – B O O T S

Boots are possibly my favourite winter piece as you can buy some many different styles and give so many different vibes. At the moment, I am a sucker for a black sock boot style but also loving the grungey Dr Marten vibe. Basically, I love wearing boots whatever the vibe. I have to admit this year Topshop have brought out some BEAUT boots and I have bought 4 pairs in the last 4 months. I intent on possibly buying another pair which I am aware I don’t need but boots can been worn in the summer with a cute little dress so it’s 100% worth it. I always think when buying a new pair of boots…can I wear these in the summer…if so, they’re going straight in my basket. Sometimes I will buy a fashion boot but I often find that I rarely wear them and always stick to the classic styles. 

Winter Essential No.5 – C O S Y C O A T

We all have that dream of having the most amazing coat wardrobe and I have to admit, I am quickly growing a coat wardrobe. Not that you need one at all. You just need one coat or maybe 3 that will go with your whole wardrobe but also keep you warm. My top 3 coat styles would have to be the Teddy, The classic crombie and an aviator. All give off different vibes but give you the chance to switch it up every now and then to create new looks. You don’t need to have all 3, a teddy coat will more than do the job but if you want to have the option, those are the ones I would go for. 

Essentially, winter essentials are your everyday go to pieces for the winter season. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration for your own wardrobe as well as giving you a little insight into my go to pieces this season.

———————S H O P T H E L O O K———————

Jumper – Primark

Coat – Primark

Jeans – Topshop (Shop here)

Boots – Topshop (Shop here)

Bag – Topshop (Shop here)


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