THOUGHT OF THE DAY – What can I change about my life that will help the environment?

Okay so this is something new that I am bringing to my blog. I want to share more of my thoughts and views on things and maybe start a conversation about particular topics.

Recently, I have really been thinking about how my habits and the way I live is effecting the environment and I am starting to look at ways I can change. It all started at Christmas when I had a moment of realisation about wrapping paper. Christmas is the one time of year when everyone has around the world wraps up gifts to give others. Have you ever thought about how much paper wastage that is? probably not.

Did you know that wrapping paper is only recyclable if its scrunched up as it breaks up the plastic coating and majority of wrapping paper isn’t recycled. So lets say each family has 2 bin bags worth of wrapping paper to throw away…just think about how much paper has been used to just be thrown away. The solution to this is to use brown paper or newspaper instead as its bio degradable which is something I will look to do in the future. Equally, you could re use wrapping paper from previous gifts which is actually something my grandma used to do. She would carefully open the wrapping paper to ensure it didn’t rip and would re use the paper for something else. There is something quite nice about that I think.

Another example is clothes. Now as a blogger, I do love to shop and buy new clothes and do often clear out my wardrobe to make room for the new pieces. I usually either sell my unwanted clothes on Depop or take them to a clothes recycling bank. This is obviously not a bad thing but recently I have been thinking about the people in need and how my clothes could be going to someone who really needs them. I will always sell bits and bobs online but there is always a large fraction of that stuff that never sells and those pieces are items that women in need could really benefit from having. Im currently looking for a charity that I can take my clothes to and know that they will go to someone who really really needs it. This is definitely something I want to learn more about and if you know of any charities I can send my clothes off to, do let me know.

Is there anything you want to change about your life that will help the environment? if so, pop a comment below and let me know because im continuously looking for new things to change about my life that could help the planet.


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