December 11, 2018

When it comes to Christmas, I am all about the thoughtful gifts. The ones that weren’t asked for but you know they’ll love. I know you’ve probably seen a thousand and one gift guides and I’m not going to promise you this one is going to be any better but if you’re struggling with what to get your sister, mum, friend or family member, this may be of help. 


Giving someone a suitcase for Christmas doesn’t seem all that exciting but if you know of someone who travels a lot or takes lots of mini trips or weekends away this could be the perfect gift. This suitcase is BEAUT and I’m currently looking for an excuse to use it. I feel like theres something quite nice about having a good quality suitcase, especially when it gets a lot of use.



We all know someone who loves the fake tan and what better gift than to give them something you know they’re going to use. Sometimes if you’re really struggling with what to buy someone its easier to get something you know that they’ll get the use out of. This little Isle Of Paradise gift set gives you all you need to get the perfect tan including a primer, the tan itself AND a self tan remover – which honestly is probably the best part of the gift set. We all know that feeling when your tan is getting patchy and you’re just over it. 



There is nothing better than having warm cosy slippers after a long day at work and UGG honestly do the best slippers EVER. First of all they’re super warm and cosy and second of all, they are so durable. I have worn my pair for basically 2 years straight and they’re still going strong. Definitely worth the money. They are more of a pricey present but if you know they’ll wear them all the time…its worth it. 



These days, we are all obsessed with our phones and all have a little melt down when our battery runs low…don’t lie, you know you do. This compact mirror/portable charger is such a fabulous invention. The mirror is amazing for any touch ups you may need and the charger does exactly what you need when you have a ‘my battery is about to die’ melt down. If I got one of these for Christmas…I’d be pretty chuffed.

Shop HERE 


Now books aren’t exactly only for the reader because I love getting books and I hate reading. There are so many cute, lovely books which make the most perfect gifts. One of them being this gorgeous Book of Dreams which is essentially a book where you write down your dreams but it teaches you what they mean at the same time which I think is pretty cool. The other book I would recommend getting a girl with a love for Instagram is ‘Capture Your Style’ by Amiee Song. Still one of my favourite books to date and I have had it for quite a few years. 

The book of dreams – Shop HERE

Capture your style – Shop HERE


A gift doesn’t have to be expensive or exactly what they’re dying for this Christmas. It just has to be well thought out and for that person to know that. A gift is so much more special when the person receiving the gift knows you’ve taken the time to really think about it. Thats my favourite part about gift giving, You have the chance to make it personal. 

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