As we are reaching the end of summer, I have felt myself needing to give my wardrobe a little bit of cleanse. This is different to your typical wardrobe clear out. This is more of a pull everything out of your wardrobe so its empty and start a fresh. Technically its still summer so packing away your summer wardrobe would be silly but giving my wardrobe a thorough tidy was exactly what I needed to prep myself of my transitional wardrobe. 

Where do I start with my wardrobe cleanse? I hear you say. WELL, I have a few little tips to help you make the most out of your wardrobe cleanse and allow you to come away from it feeling refreshed and ready to start adding some new season pieces into it. 


The best way to start is to literally pull everything out of your wardrobe, chest of drawers…anything that holds your clothing/shoes and accessories. You want to start with a blank canvas. To avoid getting to stressed out and causing too much mess, keep everything in category piles such as bags, tops, trousers so that you’ve got everything together and not lost underneath a massive pile of things.


now that you have a blank canvas, you want to start putting everything back in. Which kind of seems silly but trust me, its worth it. This is where the organisation comes in to play. 



This is the most satisfying part of the wardrobe cleanse. I personally love my clothes to be in categories as I can easily find what I am looking for when I am getting ready. If you don’t want to go down the category route, you can do the colour coordinated route instead or just pop everything back in however works best for you. 

I tend to start with my bottom options (I hang mine) and separate the trousers, jeans and skirts. Starting with jeans going into trousers and then my skirts at the end. Jeans are my most worn bottom option so I want to be able to reach those easily. I do the exact same for the rest to my wardrobe. Keeping the items I don’t wear too often towards the back/harder to reach areas. 


This one isn’t essential at all but its something that I have found to make my wardrobe look super clean and that is…co ordinating hangers. When I was at uni, I purchased a ton of hot pink velvet hangers and collected a few other colours along the way. Whilst they’re not quite my taste any more, they allow me to section my clothing and have certain categories on certain hangers. Like I said this isn’t essential but It kinda just worked out for me and it actually really helps. So currently, I have my blouses and crop tops on black hangers, my t shirts on light green/blue hangers, my dresses on purple and the rest of my wardrobe on pink. I only have a limited number of each so its more of a guide than actually being super precise with it. Velvet hangers also really help to save space. So if you’re working with a small wardrobe, velvet hangers could be what you need. The best places I have found to sell velvet hangers is Primark and TKmaxx.  

If you have your clothing in drawers, you can completely skip this part.


As I start putting everything back in, I’m chucking out anything that I’m not really feeling at this time. This isn’t a new season clear out as we’re currently starting the transition period so its not quite get your knitted jumpers out and getting rid of any you don’t want. Its a ooo actually I haven’t worn this skirt at all the summer, maybe i’ll chuck it or sell it if its in good condition. The wardrobe clear out can happen in a month or so. You might even find a few pieces which have had their day and just need to be thrown out. I found a few of those when I did my wardrobe cleanse. 


now that you have your clothing super organised its time to do the exact same to your bags and shoes. Again its not quite time for a proper clear out but if you find anything that needs to go, then pop it into your chuck pile.


Its important to note than when you come away from this, you want to feel like you’ve given you wardrobe a refresh. Maybe its pulling a few jumpers into your wardrobe or putting away your super summery clothes. Make your wardrobe fit for now and not the hot heatwave we had a few weeks ago. Sometimes a little bit of organisation just makes you feel ready and prepped for a new season to come. 


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  1. September 21, 2018 / 9:53 am

    I absolutely love your hangers! The pink ones are really cool <3!

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