Finding inspiration can be a difficult task, especially when you’re not entirely sure what sort of inspiration you want. As we are nearing a new season, I am starting to think about my Autumnal wardrobe and what vibe I want to go for this autumn. I get very excited when the seasons change and I always like to be that one step ahead prepping for that season. 

One way that I have found to really help visualise what I am thinking about to help inspire my Autumnal wardrobe is…Pinterest. I know that Pinterest has been around for years and its been an inspiration tool for so long but I have only recently got back into it. Pinterest is essentially another social media platform. Its just not as social as some of the others. You can follow people, you can create your own boards, you can create as many as you want for that matter and you can ever chat. The best thing is, you can literally find anything on there which means you can really go in depth with the vibe you’re going for. Maybe you’re about to shoot some new outfits – you can find locations, outfit ideas, textures, colours, photo inspiration and so much more. Pinterest allows you to really create a visual map of what you’re thinking about. 

I have a range of different Pinterest boards which I can add to at any point or I can just make new ones. From hair to the colour pink to quotes to home inspo to fashion to outfit inspiration to dog photos…the possibilities are endless. I mainly use Pinterest for outfit inspiration and it really has helped me to be inspired in such a different way. Im thinking of more ideas and different ways of styling things because I’m always looking at something fresh and new. You can find a photo on there that has been there for years but it might the the exact style and vision you are going for at this time. 

You know when you find a new pair of trousers and you love them and you cannot wait to wear them but you’re so incredibly stuck on how to style them…Pinterest can give you the ideas you didn’t know were possible. In this day and age, its a struggle to come across ‘original’ in the blogging industry and finding your own niche can be very difficult. I have found that, you kind of have to think outside the box without really needing to go crazy with it. Basically what Im saying is, you want to focus less of your time focusing on what others are doing and spending more time on what you could be doing. Take inspiration from your favourite instagrammers but take that and see where you can take that inspiration. I have found that Pinterest gives so much more than one photo on instagram can. You can search ‘converse styling’ and you will find so many ways people have worn converse and often the photos that come up and visually appealing photos which instantly inspire you a lot more than some random person thats tagged converse in their photo. 

I have really started to get excited about Autumn fashion and how I’m going to style certain pieces and Pinterest has really helped. I know I kind of sound like I’m doing an ad for Pinterest but I am so inspired at the moment and I wanted to share with all of you just how Pinterest has helped and hopefully it can help you to. I don’t use it all day everyday and sometimes I do forget it exists but if you ever find yourself thinking ‘i don’t know what to do with myself’ or you have a bit of free time, have a little scroll. See what you can find. Even if you need some inspiration for a piece of writing such as a blog post or an essay, have a look because you never know what you will find and often the photos will link back to a website or blog which just makes to world of Pinterest 100 times more exciting!


Photos taken from Pinterest – you can find them all on my Autumn Style Pinterest board HERE


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