The t shirt has become a wardrobe staple for pretty much everyone. We all have a t shirt lurking somewhere, even if you don’t wear one daily…I guarantee you wear one to bed. T shirts are one of those items that can very easily be dressed up or down. One minute you may look like a slob in a t shirt and joggers and the next minute you’ve knotted your tee into a lil crop top and thrown on a leather skirt and heels ready for the evening. There is so much versatility with a t shirt and I am here to tell you just why it is worth investing your money in one. 

I recently started reading a book. I never read so this is a massive step for me. The book is called ‘why fashion matters’ by Frances Corner. I am and will always be a massive fan of fashion and learning more about fashion is something I will continue to do through out my life. Whilst reading this book, I came across one of the best facts I have ever learnt. you’ve guessed it…its about the t shirt. So I am about to give you some fun factage here which I am pretty excited about.



The t shirt originated as part of the uniform of both the British Navy and the American Navy. It was designed as an undergarment or in other words, underwear, to avoid chafing. As you can imagine those uniforms cant have been gentle on the skin.

‘In 1941 the slogan ‘you don’t need to be a soldier to have your own personal t shirt’ confirmed it as the wardrobe staple of the manly man’ – Fances Corner

So if you’re sat here reading this wearing a t shirt, just know that technically you’re wearing underwear. I personally think its kinda cool that the t shirt was designed as a work wear piece to protect your skin and now is seen pretty much on every human possible as a wardrobe staple not only for men but for women. Its got to be said, I own more t shirts than I need but you just cant beat  the feeling of a comfy cotton t shirt on your skin really can you?!


Why should you invest in the t shirt?

Well the chances are, you already have. If its not a wardrobe staple, it’s most definitely a pyjama staple. From plain t shirts, to slogan tees, to cropped t shirts, to pyjama t shirts, to t shirt dresses to branded t shirts, to printed t shirts…the list goes on, Theres so many options out there and enough to suit everyone. I personally love a slogan tee. I cannot get enough. They give a cool edge to an outfit and elevate a simple t shirt and jeans look. Saying that, a simple t shirt and jeans look is also one of my favourites. 

The average good quality t shirt, you know the kind the doesn’t stretch, is often made out of cotton. Cotton is amazing for firstly, being comfortable against the skin but also for durability. Cotton lasts FOREVER and washes so well. So you know that if you invest in a cotton t shirt, its going to last you a while. Also cotton itself is biodegradable which means your t shirts are better for the environment and can be recycled very easily SO its a win win. 

When it comes to buying a t shirt, you can get them at any price. From the cheap £2 Primark number all the way to your £350 Gucci t shirt. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get the t shirt look which is probably one of the best things about the t shirt. You don’t have to be someone with loads of money to buy the latest t shirt. You might have to be to afford the Gucci one but to get the t shirt look, you only need to spend a couple pounds and you’re sorted. It’s a style that will always be something that everyone can afford and wear. 

My favourite thing about owning a t shirt is that if you decide that one day, you really don’t like that slogan tee that says ‘babe’ across the front and you’re really not diggin it anymore. There is still a way of saving it. It can now go into your Pyjama wardrobe. You may not like it as a fashion piece but it makes the perfect slob attire and I mean if you’re going to be a slob, you might as well be a trendy one. All jokes aside, its a great way of re using your t shirts and even if you don’t want to add it to you PJ collection…recycle it or drop it into the charity shop, everyone could do with an extra t shirt in their lives. 

The t shirt is not only a staple, its a part of life. Its rare that you’ll find someone who doesn’t own a t shirt and if you do know someone who doesn’t wear t shirts…id love to know why. Not because there is anything wrong with it at all but I do find it interesting as to why someone wouldn’t own a t shirt. When you actually think about it…surely everyone owns at least one…right? 


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