Summer, the one season that every single person on the planet looks forward to…and its not just because we get warmer weather. You can get so much out of the summer season which I think is the main reason why we all love it so much. First of all the weather tends to be a lot better than our usual chilly rainy days which means instantly everyone seems to be in a better mood. I know for a fact that the sun instantly changes my mood and really sets me up for the day. We get to say goodbye to the endless layers and hello to the easy breezy clothing that we’ve been dying to wear for so many months. The days are longer which allows us to get more done and have more fun. I don’t know about you but the minute it gets dark, I instantly think its time for bed so when winter rolls around and its dark at 5, I feel like I cant do anything with my evening BUT in summer, the possibilities are endless. Theres BBQ’s, summer evening walks, trips to the beach, chilling in the garden, festivals, holidays, spending more time with friends and family, weddings and so much more. Summer really is the season of happiness. Well mostly. The other seasons can bring just as much happiness. 

Summer style is something I still haven’t got a hold of. The weather here is typically meh during the summer months so I don’t tend to invest much in summer clothes as I probably wont get enough wear out of them. Sadly, I don’t go on enough holidays to make the most of them either. BUT this year we have had a fab summer which has lead me to making quite a few summer purchases. Its got to be said I am a winter clothing fan but summer clothes allow me to be my girly self which I absolutely love so theres pros and cons. 

My summer wardrobe essentials

Summer dresses

Summer dresses are quite possibly the best thing ever invented for summer. They’re super easy to throw on and keep you cool during the hot summer days. I try not to go down the trendy route when it comes to summer dresses as I want them to last longer than one summer so I tend to go for classic styles that I know I will still love in a years time. For me, It tends to be white/cream girly flowy dresses which I love the most. This dress is a beautiful Free People dress which is flowy, comfortable, boho but yet still classic and can easily be worn next summer to a festival or a summer event. Its one that will keep for a few years. P.s. Im loving the longer dresses this summer. 

Classic summer bag

We are forever being exposed to many different fast fashion trends and bags are one thing that changes so quickly. One minute you’re bag is on trend, the next you’re not sure whether to sell it or keep it. Sticking to a classic style which you can use throughout all seasons will help you to make the most out of your summer bag of choice. This one is a lovely Matt and Nat bag which is such amazing quality and I genuinely believe will last for years. Its simple tan bag which I know will look amazing in winter with a pair of jeans and a cream knit but also looks fab with a cute girly dress. I think a tan bag is worth having in your wardrobe for both the summer months and the winter months. 


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m a major trainer girl. I wear trainers pretty much every single day. They are just what suits me best and what I feel comfortable in. In summer…im still a trainer girl. I have sandals which I could wear but I still go for the trainers. I just love the cool edgy look a pair of trainers can give to a summer dress. It takes it from a girly vibe to a cool girly vibe which I love. Always wanting to edge up my girly outfits. These Adidas trainers are BEAUTIFUL. I don’t know why I never bought these sooner. They’re super comfortable, give the perfect bright pop of colour to the outfit and the look nice on the feet. Im now debating buying them in every colour because I am in love with them.


Sunglasses are something I have never invested in. Probably because knowing me, I will break them. I do believe if you find the perfect sunnies for you, buy them. I am a tortoise shell sunnies kinda gal, I find they suit my style the best and these ones are perfect. Sunglasses are an accessory that will always be a thing so I do believe spending a little more on it is worth it. 

What are your summer essentials?


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