This industry is a killer for your bank balance and makes you start to question, how healthy is this industry? Are we becoming addicted to always wanting new things and feeling the need to always be wearing a new outfit? And why is outfit recycling something bloggers never seem to do?

I am girl who has ALWAYS loved shopping and I love the idea of picking out new pieces and styling up an outfit. Its one of the reasons why I started my blog. I want to share the way I style things to inspire others. I love to shop so naturally, I’m always on the hunt for new pieces to add to my wardrobe. Its my favourite thing to do, so to me spending my money on clothes isn’t something that has come from my blog BUT the more I blog and the more I involve myself in the industry, there is this feeling that you always need more. Why do we always feel like we need more? Why cant we be happy with what we’ve got. We all work for our money and of course we want to spend it on what makes us happy. Its important to note that you must always budget in what bills you have to pay before you go and splash your cash on materialistic items. If you cant afford to buy something, don’t buy it just because you feel like you need to have it. Just wait until you do have some disposable income.

This is something I have learnt over the years. There will always be something you want that you cant afford and whilst you can wait and save the money, that item may then be gone. Thats just life. We cant have everything. I learnt that from my parents. Sometimes you just have to wait for the things that you want. Maybe thats a new phone or the latest mac eye shadow. For example when I was younger it took my parents AGES to allow me to have a mobile phone. I eventually got one when I started secondary school for incase purposes only. I had to be picked up from school so if my parents were going to be late, they could text me to let me know. It the took years of asking before I got a new phone which I loved. I would always ask for a new phone for christmas but my parents never gave in that easily. They knew what they were doing. Teaching me that you have to wait and be patient for things. You cant have everything that you ever desire.

One of the main jobs a blogger does is influence others to buy things. There not making you buy it, they’re just telling you this what I like, maybe you want to get the look to. Somewhere a long the line communication has been lost. Instead we have this feeling to need everything our favourite bloggers have. Is that because we want to be them? is it because we want exactly what they have? the want to have things changes to a need to have things and thats where things are going wrong. We now feel as though we always need to buy new things but actually we really don’t. Is this becoming an unhealthy obsession? are we all getting sucked into a hole where we just throw our money away.

I have to admit I always feel the need to buy things. I don’t need any more clothes and could actually recycle a lot of what I have into current on trend outfits. I really don’t understand why bloggers don’t recycle old clothing. I know it means that their followers then cant buy that item which is frustrating because when you see something you like, you want to buy it. I do understand that and I do understand that this is their job and if they want to keep their job they need to promote things people can buy. Maybe its about injecting a little bit more recycling into your wardrobe. Not all the time but every now and then. we just need to encourage everyone to wear what you’ve got but add a few new pieces every now and then. I will probably still go and buy more clothes for my wardrobe because that is just me BUT saying that I have a beaut jumpsuit which I bought last year from Topshop and will continue to recycle it every year until I find something better. Don’t stop wearing something because people cant buy it. Wear what you want and do what you want.

As a blogger, there is this idea that you must always share a new outfit. Some bloggers will post a new outfit every single day and I don’t know how they do it. Because even if I had enough time to post a new outfit everyday, I would run out of clothes and have to buy more to keep up. I have felt like I have needed to do this for so long and only recently realised that you can repeat your outfit photos, you can show that outfit 5 times. You just want to show it in different ways each time. Maybe your sitting down in one and a head shot in another. Its more about quality than quantity. Share your amazing photos and don’t feel as though you have to always be sharing new things. Lets bring the enjoyment back to blogging and stop putting pressure on ourselves to always be needing more.

S H O P   M Y   O U T F I T

Top – Bershka (here)

Skirt – ASOS (Similar here)

Tote – Monki (here)

Trainers – Converse (here)



  1. July 2, 2018 / 4:21 pm

    I totally agree with you that being a blogger puts so much pressure on you to buy new things all the time.
    which is a shame because we shouldn’t have to feel that pressure as blogging itself is pressuring.
    I totally agree it’s quality than quantity
    Great post!

    Luke |Luke Heywood Style

  2. July 3, 2018 / 7:06 am

    I cannot agree enough with this whole blog post, the whole wanting more. I blame it on fast fashion to be honest, there’s constantly new things coming out ALL THE TIME. Trends change so fast and if you want to be up in the game and wear what’s trendy now, you always have to constantly buy more and more. :/

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