Over the past 5 years or so, I have grown a love for watches and it has to be said I’ve got quite a collection going. A different watch for every occasion. I believe that a watch is the perfect accessory to an outfit and allows you to know the time no matter what as well as doubling up as a really pretty wrist accessory. Honestly, I don’t know where I’d be without a watch. I am forever looking at my wrist…even when I haven’t got a watch on…to tell the time. Theres something really nice about looking at your watch to tell the time rather than always checking your phone. In this day an age there is a fear that perhaps watches will fade out and the kids of today will use their phones for all future time telling BUT I believe watches are here to stay for a long time yet.

Daniel Wellington has been a watch brand I have had my eye on for a very long time but being a girl who already owns enough watches, I never felt the need to purchase. I was kindly sent the Daniel Wellington rose gold watch and OH MY. I love it. Something you may not know about me is that I LOVE anything rose gold. As I sit here right now writing this post, there is 4 items surrounding me with a hint of rose gold so its only natural that I would fall head over heels in love with this Daniel Wellington watch. This watch has such a classic and simple design which will never date. The Daniel Wellington Mesh Straps are hard wearing and beautifully finished. From my personal experience, mesh straps last a hell of a lot longer than leather style straps. Its one of those watches that you can invest in and know that in 10 years time, it will still be working its magic making the perfect addition to your outfit. This watch retails for £109 which is pretty affordable for a classic watch like this. I know for some of you, it may not seem that affordable BUT generally speaking a decent quality watch will last you for many years and if you’re going to wear it every day, you will most likely get your moneys worth of wear out of it.

Before I go on to talk about the other watches Daniel Wellington sell, I have got to talk about the most amazing bangle I have ever seen in my 23 years of existence. Its delicate but simple and classic. Its again one of those pieces which will last for years. Im in love with it and teamed with the watch, Its like a match made in heaven. Every time I look at my wrist, I go all heart eyed. Better yet, it retails for £39 and they also sell it in a silver. AND with my discount code IAMCHARLOTTE you can get 15% off which makes the bangle only…£33.15 and for good piece of jewellery, that aint bad.

Daniel Wellington, of course do also sell mens watches which are heavenly. You know when a guy is wearing a nice watch it just kinda makes them even more attractive…just me? maybe. This watch here has simple brown strap with a larger face. A very classic design which could be worn day in day out. The fun thing about Daniel Wellington is their watch straps. You can actually buy alternative watch straps and change depending on your mood or outfit or even season. It basically means that you can get more from your watch. There is an array of Daniel Wellington watch straps to choose from starting from £25.

There is a Daniel Wellington watch for everyone. But if I’m going to be completely honest, you should 100% buy the rose gold one because its so incredibly beautiful. You could even give it as a gift, it’s that beaut!

Shop the rose gold watch (here)

Shop the rose gold bangle (here)

Shop the silver bangle (here)

Shop the brown strap watch (here)

Don’t forget you can use my code IAMCHARLOTTE to get 15% the whole site and will be available to use until the end of October


– This post is a AD for Daniel Wellington and all opinions are my own –


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