In life we go through many ups and downs and things don’t always go as planned. thats okay, thats life. Something I have realised over the last few years is that you have no idea what is round the corner. Some devastating news might be coming your way or maybe things are going to start getting better, you will never know. There has been certain situations that have happened over the last couple of months or so which have really made me realise just how important it is to really appreciate the moments you have. 

I was friends with someone and we got on so well, we were really good friends but somewhere along the way, we started drifting which in turn lead to a ‘break up’ if you will and I’m gonna be honest it wasn’t the nicest thing to have to go through. It was very out of the blue. We had been drifting for a while, I knew that and to be honest, I kind of accepted it. The reason being, in the back of my mind I knew that maybe we weren’t as similar as we thought or maybe we are, I don’t know but we clashed at some point..maybe its our age difference who knows. It didn’t work out and I’m okay with that. Since that situation has happened, I genuinely feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. One thing I will say. Even though our friendship ended in a bit of a horrid way, we still had some amazing memories which I will never forget. Those times we had together were great and I will still look back at those times and remember those days and those moments. At the end of the day when we were good we were good and no one can take the emotions and the love you had for that person away from you. You just don’t have it any more. A memory speaks so loud and I have many memories with people I don’t speak to anymore. All of those moments are so precious because at that time it was amazing. I believe that you really do have to live in the moment. Live for now and not the future. like I said, you have no idea what is round the corner. So take the opportunities and run with them. There will always be people that you meet which you know aren’t going to be in your life forever but whilst they are in your life, make the most of it because a photo from that funny random night out can be kept with your for the rest of your life. And being able to look back at those times is so lovely. You will look back and remember the good moments and not the awkward friend break up.

This situation has taught me that you should always be yourself and be true to yourself and if you don’t want to take that opportunity to go on a night out, you really don’t have to. You don’t have to take every opportunity that comes your way just because somethings around the corner. You just have to live your life appreciating and enjoying the moments that you do have. The moments when your chilling with your boyfriend in the sun with some wine or at a festival with your best friend from work or walking the dog with a neighbour or sitting in the garden with your cat. Whatever it is appreciate it and live it. Live those moments. Take all the photos and capture those moments because a photo can speak to many words and always send your brain back to that time and that is what is so special.

Appreciate the moments and live for now.

Outfit details

Top – Primark

Trousers – Asos (similar here)

Bag – Ted Baker (old)

Shoes – Converse (here)

Sunglasses – Jimmy Fairly (here)


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