Known for it white walls and beautiful clear blue sea, Mykonos is one of THE places to visit. I’d be lying if I didn’t go with Instagram in mind but saying that, the beauty of Mykonos is so much better through your own eyes. When the sun hits the white buildings and the beautiful sea, you remember exactly why you came. The one thing I loved the most about Mykonos is that its a completely different world in so many ways. From the way they travel around the island to the way of living. Its so refreshing to see a place thats not so digitally advanced, its just a beaut little greek island with so much to say. It has to be said, its not the cheapest of places to visit but I spent a total of £800 on my trip including spending money which I don’t think is too bad considering you can easily spend WAY MORE. This is my affordable guide to Mykonos for those of you wanting to visit the island but aren’t made of money.


I stayed in a hotel which was a 15 minute walk from Mykonos town. I would say if you’re wanting to experience Mykonos for what it is, you want to be nearish Mykonos town or at least on the same side of the island. Most hotel’s will say how far away they are from the town and if you google map it before you book, you’ll be able to see the exact location and the distance from the places you want to visit. Likewise if you’re not interested in being within the hustle and bustle of the island, stay further out as the island isn’t huge so it wont take forever to get where you want to go. The plus side to being close to Mykonos town is that you can walk to the town for food or for looking around, you can catch the bus from the town and its not going to cost you an arm and a leg. The bus was €1.80 each way which is pretty cheap and they take you to a range of different spots around the island.


Mykonos hosts a wide range of restaurants so there is so much to choose from. Whether you’re a simple food person like me or love a bit of everything. Theres so many to choose from. All ranging in price. You can tell when a restaurant is more expensive just from looking at the interior. Some of the restaurants are BEAUT but way out of my budget thats for sure.

My restaurant picks…

Rouvera –  a little restaurant situated in Little Venice along the sea front. One of those restaurants that sell a wide range of different dishes. Great if you’re in a group and you’re all into different things. The people at that work there were incredibly nice and polite. Definitely a place to go and watch the sunset. They do kind of bombard you to come in as there is a lot of restaurants along the sea front so make sure you read the menu before going in as they can seem a little intimidating…they’ re only trying to get your business and stop you going else where but it is a really nice restaurant.

Pasta Fresca Barkia – As you can probably tell its an Italian restaurant in one of the little streets in Mykonos town. Most of the menu is pasta but they do sell pizza and oh my it was THE BEST PIZZA EVER. And was really affordable for how tasty it was. Worth a visit if you’re into your pasta but I would say go at like 6/7 as the restaurants start getting busy at like 8pm and you don’t want to miss out on the beaut pizza.

Yummy Mykonos – Situated in Mykonos town and sells a range of street food. A really lovely place to go for lunch. I had an amazing club sandwich but they also had burgers, omelettes, crepes, that kinda thing. Was also pretty well priced. Me and my sister ordered 2 cokes and had a sandwich each which cost €20.

Trio Bambini – Theres a few of these in Mykonos town and they sell the tastiest ice cream EVER. Its not the cheapest but then nothing is cheap. For 2 scoops it was €5.90. Great for sharing if you’re feeling kind but honestly worth going. If you do go, try the caramel ice cream because oh my it is so good. It is worth noting they alternate the flavours so you might have to visit a few times to get the good flavours.

All of the meals my sister and I had cost around €40 or cheaper. That was for a main meal each, 2 drinks and a bottle of water. Like I said Mykonos isn’t the cheapest place but thats a pretty good price of a nice meal. Thats €20 each which is roughly the same amount you would pay for the same thing here.


It has to be said, I didn’t really visit that much as I went for a relaxing holiday BUT there are a few places I recommend going to.

Mykonos town – I mean I basically spent most of my time there. If you’re going to go to Mykonos, you have to go to the town.

Psarou beach – Beautiful little beach, kinda pricey for a beach. You have to pay for a sun bed which was €25 for the day. Not cheap but if you’re spending the day there, I guess its worth it. Its more of a quieter beach with lots of pretty yachts to look at whist you’re enjoying the sun.

Platis Gailos beach – A much larger beach and much busier. Its very family friendly and we got a sun bed for €15 euros for the day which is a lot cheaper. Also there is a shop on this beach so you don’t have to fork out money on a meal, you can just buy some snacks for lunch or just to keep you going. This beach is also beaut and I would 100% recommend visiting this beach.


As I said at the start, the bus is only €1.80 each way and is probably the cheapest way to get around. The buses are coaches and you may find yourself standing up in the isle. Seems all kind of wrong but thats how they do it there and the journeys are often 10 mins top depending on where your going of course. If you’re wanting to explore the island yourself, you can hire a moped or car to get around which I was told it was €60. Im assuming thats per day but it allows you to roam free and explore every part of the island in your own time. I didn’t hire one as it wasn’t something I needed but if I was to go with a group of people I probably would as you can split the price.

I hope this was guide helps you when booking your trip to Mykonos. I stayed in the most beautiful hotel which will be coming in a post very soon so stay tuned for that.


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