We all know that Instagram has been pretty poop for a long time now and growing your following is the most difficult thing EVER. Just as you’ve gained a few new peeps…goodbye, cos you’ve lost them all again. It’s a constant battle. It’s also a never ending battle. So we have to think about other ways of growing our Instagram and beating the system. I have been trialling out a few things over the last couple of months and I thought I’d share a few things that have helped me to gain a few extra followers.

Follow people you want to follow

Don’t feel the need to follow every single blogger out there. Follow who you want to follow because that way your more likely to engage with them and create relationships which may help you in the future. If your following people that you don’t really like just to get them to follow you back, you end up just not looking at photos you don’t actually like. You’ve got to be picky and give the love to those Instagram accounts you love.

Engagement is key

engaging with your followers and people you follow is SO important. The more you engage, the more people want to engage with you. Like peoples photos, comment on them, ask them a question. By doing this you create a relationship with that person and friendships are so important in this industry because we need the support from each other and this community is such an amazing one. You don’t have to go crazy with the comments, something simple like ‘i love your top’ is enough. alternate the comments tho, theres nothing worse than receiving the same comment from the same person. You end up running out of replies. Switch it up every now and then.

Insta stories

This is possibly one of the things that has really helped to grown my Instagram. I find on the days when I don’t post stories, my following instantly goes down. Weird I know. I find the ones where you chat and show your face really interest people. Like people want to know what your doing even if your having the most boring day ever, chat about it. show your cup of tea, show what your actually doing. Start a conversation. Its like seeing the real live you and you as an instagrammer come to life and people feel as though they know you which is quite nice. Im still working on getting insta stories up everyday. Sometimes after work I’m like nah CBA to chat on insta but it really does help.

Create content you love

For ages I was just posting because I felt like I needed to post every day and everything I was producing wasn’t done with love it was just because I needed photos. Now I make sure that the photos I post, I really love and I am happy with. You want to love what you post so that when you get comments you’re like YASSS I did good. It takes more hard work to make good quality images but its worth it because you’re not looking back thinking urgh I don’t like my insta, instead your thinking hell yess girl you’re doing good.

Add interesting captions

say good bye to the emoji one word caption and hello the the lengthy in depth ones. Chat about something maybe its something funny that happened to you that day or you’ve got some exciting news or maybe there is a story behind the photo. People will always want to know more and be nosey so if you’ve got something to say, say it.


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