Packing…one of the things I hate most when it comes to going on holiday. Main reason being because I always have a really hard time trying to chose what I actually want to take. If I could have it my way, I’d take my whole summer wardrobe with me…unfortunately thats not going to fit into a cabin size suitcase. Short holidays are becoming more and more popular these days and with hold luggage costing so much, it seems silly not to take advantage of the cabin size suitcase. Now I have to admit, I am an over packer and being a blogger, naturally I want to take as much as possible to shoot whilst I’m away. Im about to embark on a 4 and a half day holiday to Mykonos with my friend Sophie and since I will 100% over pack no matter how much I plan, I thought i’d share a few tips that I go by when packing for a holiday. Every year I learn new ways to save space  but still take as much as I can.

(P.s. these photos are from a mock pack and not exactly what I am taking away with me and some of these tips you will probably already know)

Packing tip #1 Strapped in side = clothes and zipped side = everything else

Allow me to elaborate. most suitcases have a side which has a zipped cover and one which has straps to hold your things in place. For years I have been packing my clothes in the zipped side which actually holds a lot less and when packing this suitcase I realised that I can actually fit a substantial amount of clothes in the other side of the suitcase. It means that the zipped side is then all the little bits and bobs which often can move about when traveling. This way they’re stuck in place and when you have to open your suitcase at security, your things aren’t going to fly everywhere leaving you with a bit of a re pack situation.

Packing tip #2 Roll your clothes

This one is a given. We all know that rolling your clothes saves space, it especially helps with holiday packing. Summer clothes typically fold a lot smaller which meaaaaaans…more room for more clothes! am I right or am I right? Start with the larger items and tuck the smaller items in the gaps.

Packing tip #3 Take 3 pairs of shoes MAX

Saying this, I will probably try and take 4 because If I can squeeze them in they are coming. 3 is the ideal amount or even 2 if you have no need for 3. The shoes that I will be taking are a pair of trainers which will be worn on the flight, a pair of flat easy wear sandals that I can wear to the pool or walking around in and a pair of nicer sandals/heeled sandals for the evenings. Its nice to have a nice pair of shoes for the evening that set apart your day and night outfits. Even if you’re wearing the same dress from day to night, switching up your shoes can instantly change the look .

Packing tip #4 lay everything out

if you have everything you want to take laid out on the floor or on your bed, you can see exactly what you got and you can begin to eliminate anything that perhaps you don’t need. same goes for all of your electronics, beauty bits, accessories. It also helps when coming to pack as you have it all there in front of you and you haven’t got anything extra to add in.

Packing tip #5 Plan your outfits

This is something I struggle with so much because I often find when I plan an outfit I feel forced to wear it and often I’m not feeling what I have planned BUT it makes it so much easier when coming to pack your suitcase as well as when you’re away. If you’re like me, something that makes it a lot easier is taking dresses. They’re an outfit in themselves which means less clothing options and easier choices. You don’t have to worry about what goes with it, just pop it on and go. Its also important to make sure you have evening and day outfits. Depends on your holiday of course but you want to cater for both occasions. For me, during the day ill be relaxing in the sun but also exploring so I will need some casual day outfits as well as a few evening looks. Im going away for 4 and half days which means I need roughly 4 evening outfits and 4 day outfits. Taking photos of your outfits on prior to your holiday can also help whilst your on holiday when choosing an outfit to wear.

Packing tip #6 wear your bulkiest items on the plane

we’ve all done it. Worn too many layers on the plane just to make sure your suitcases closes. Usually it means wearing the jacket, a jumper, maybe you have a pair of bulky trousers or shoes. Also if you have a summer hat, wear it. I have never known security to make you put your hat into your hand luggage but be prepared for them to ask you to do so.

Packing tip #7 Buy all your necessity beauty products at the airport

I feel like this one isn’t spoken about enough and honestly is the best tip I could give you. In hand luggage you can only take so many liquids under 100ml and it can be really difficult to make the decision as to whats more important to take with you. Last year when me and Sophie went away we bought our shampoo, conditioner etc at the airport which meant more room in the suitcase and didn’t have to bring it back with us either. Also saves you money as your sharing it rather than buying shampoo separately.

Packing tip #8 decant your liquids.

I wouldn’t usually say this is necessary but it does save space and stops you taking more than your need away with you. For example, I will be decanting my foundation as the bottle is quite bulky and my gradual tan as the bottle is waaaaay over 100ml. same goes for things like moisturiser, face wash etc. If you can and want to save space, its a good way to go. Im all about the space saving for more clothes.

Packing tip #9 make the most out of your items

when your packing a cabin size suitcase, you haven’t got a lot of space so taking items that you can get more than one use out of is a win win. For example I’m taking an oversized shirt as a beach cover up which I can also use as a top for a day outfit.

Packing tip #10 fill the small gaps with smaller items

When I say smaller items, I mean socks and underwear. They’re the items that singularly take up next to no room and there is always small gaps that need filling. also if you have a pair of shoes like trainers, stuff them with underwear. I suppose its all about making the most of your space.

I   A M   W E A R I N G..

T shirt – here

Trousers – here

Shoes – here

Bag – here

Suitcase – Primark


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