In this day an age its really hard to be ‘original’ in the blogging world. Everything seems to have already been done before. From the blog posts you write to how you style an item of clothing to a Instagram photo of you in Paris. Chances are…its been done thousands of times before. It is kind of a way of life these days. With social media growing at such a fast pace, its getting harder and harder to even be just an inch of original.

Because of this idea that being ‘original’ isn’t really a thing anymore and Instagram pages are being classes as blogs, people are starting to question where the blogging industry is going. I totally get it, it is understandable. Of course bloggers are going to worry about the fact that blogs might just disappear due to people preferring to look at a photo rather than reading. Or even the fact that YouTube has become HUGE over the years and is well an truly taking over the blog industry. Unfortunately, nowadays audiences want to see moving visual content. They want to feel as though they know you and are interacting with you on more of a chatty personal level. As if they are talking to a friend. We invest so much time in following the bloggers we love, so of course we want to learn more about them and just exactly what their personality is like. YouTube is a way in which we can do that. Obviously, Instagram does have the story feature which is a real time look at what someone is doing but once its gone its gone. It cannot be re watched..unless its highlighted. Theres something about going back to a video you enjoyed or having a binge watch of a new youtuber that you have found which is so enjoyable and moreish.

This whole situation really got me thinking. Is the blogging industry going down the plug hole? Am I wasting my time? Am I spending hours on something that isn’t worth it? Then I thought to myself. Why am I even thinking about this. I do this because I love it and I want to do this. If you enjoy something, its never a waste of time. For bloggers who are making money from their blog, I can totally see why it would be a worry for them. Its their life, their career. Everything rides on this one job and if it all goes up in flames what do they have left. I highly doubt that will happen due to the fact that influencers are what every single brand are after at the moment. Its less about the celebrities are more about the relatable influencers. I feel as though this idea of being ‘original’ and different is something that may have spurred on the reason as to why so many bloggers are questioning the industry. Especially after some bloggers have been caught out for copy cat behaviour. Copying someones work word by word is not on. At all. It’s one thing taking inspiration from a blogger, its another stealing their whole piece of writing.

I think if anything, I have learnt that whilst you can easily take inspiration from someone, it is so so important to make sure that you then interpret that inspiration in your own way. Not necessarily making sure its in a ‘different’ way but in a way in which it you. For example, I often like to take photos of tops I’m wearing, a shot I can take myself…commonly known as the ‘chestfie’ which is done by so many big bloggers. I often think, am I just a typical blogger? Do I just look like I wanna be like them? Am I copying? And then I think. First of all, I look completely different. I live in a completely different space. What is on my bedroom wall is different. Something on them, is going to look completely different on me. We are all different. We shouldn’t be afraid to do something or take a photo because its been done before or because its like someone else’s. As long as you stay true to yourself and create content that YOU want to create, then there is no issue. Its when you start copying that it then becomes not you.

I am not a very big blogger, I have only been doing this for almost 2 years. Im learning more and more about the industry as I go along and it does certainly take a lot of hard work. I don’t earn anything from what I do and I’m totally okay with that. I love writing and sharing content with people. I feel as though I have always been someone who loves to share what their wearing. At the end of the day, that is the reason why I wanted to have a blog. To share my outfits with people and to hopefully inspire people. Thats me and I will always stay true to myself and what I stand for. Im just a girl who has a shopping problem and loves to style up an outfit. If you stay true to yourself, you’re doing pretty good I think.

At the end of the day, you don’t want to be a copy, you want to be you. And you are a one off piece.


Jumper – H&M (sale)

Jeans – ASOS

Bag  – Jack Wills

Boots – Zara  (old)

Photography by Lorna Crockett



  1. April 24, 2018 / 1:35 pm

    Great post!, I’m not a very big blogger either and I blog because I love to write not because I’m copying ‘big bloggers’ etc.

    • Charlotte
      May 6, 2018 / 2:06 pm

      Im glad you liked it! Yeah I think it should be more about enjoying it then trying to be something your not!

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