As a blogger, being able to take outfit photos every day or even once a week can be a challenge…especially with this un predictable weather. I for one don’t get a chance to shoot outfit photos very often which means I have to bulk shoot a range of outfits which allows me one outfit per week and usually its about 8 weeks worth. So 8 outfits. They are usually taken by my sister who is an absolute fab photographer and is currently studying Photography at uni, she knows her stuff. During the time I don’t have my little photographer on hand, I have to rely on other ways to keep my content flowing and still bring in new ways of showing off the new pieces in my wardrobe.

As you may be able to tell from my Instagram, I take a huge amount of my blog photos and Instagram photos from my bedroom. I have worked hard to make my room not only a nice space to live in but also an area which I can take those Instagram worthy photos. I would love to be able to post outfits every single day but it just isn’t possible and actually not really even what I am about when it come to my blog. I love to post outfits but also personal and life posts which don’t always work perfectly well with a nice pretty outfit. I want to show inspiration to all my lovely followers by doing it in a slightly different way. I mean when I say different, Its probably been done before but I like the mix of interior and exterior photos.

Since I very much feel the pain of not being able to shoot outfit photos all the time and believe me I do think it sometimes affects my improvement as a blogger, I wanted to share with you some ways that I keep my blog and Instagram going even when I have zero outfit photos.



As I mentioned before, I take A LOT of my photos from inside my bedroom. Now I am lucky enough to have a nice looking room which gives pretty back drops to my photos. It is a massive bonus but you don’t have to have a pretty white bedroom to be able to create good content. You can easily take flat lays using a nice white fluffy blanket or even white bed sheets if thats the look you want to go for. Or you may have one white wall or a plain wall of some sort which would work perfectly for taking some cool interior home shots of outfits, close up shots of beauty products…the possibilities are endless. Perhaps you have a nice garden or garden fence, use it. Grab your mum, dad, sibling or even your tripod and take a few snaps. The timer on my camera is my best friend. It helps me out on the daily.  Bathrooms also work great for product shots as you can use the tiles as a nice backdrop. I personally don’t have a nice looking bathroom so I cant do that but it may be something you do have. Use what you have and work with it.


Not all of us live in a pretty, quaint village which provides the best backdrop but you may know somewhere in your village which would give a perfect little back drop for a quick little photoshoot. For example, In the summer I often use the country road near where I live as it works perfectly for summer content. In the winter its pretty gross so I cant use it. Maybe you have a cute country road? or a selection of cute houses near by? Or even just a run down building which works as a cool industrial backdrop. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy but often you’ll find little places which to the normal eye look like nothing special but to us bloggers can work a treat for a quick outfit shot.


I am very lucky to live near such a beautiful town. I live not too far from Cambridge and honestly its just a dreamy town. This shoot actually inspired this post. I never ever really explore Cambridge. I have lived here most of my life so I just don’t think anything of it but every time I find something new, I’m like OMG THIS TOWN IS AMAZING. This area that these photos are taken in, is just a little road which is part of Cambridge university but it made the best back drop. I may have had about 100 tourists walk past whilst I was shooting but it’s okay I made it through. unlucky for me Cambridge is ALWAYS full of tourists which means you have to put your brave face on and roll with it. Actually when I did this shoot a tourist actually started taking photos of me and my sister shooting. Was weird but it happens. Basically my point is, take in your surroundings and use them. Im silly because I don’t use them enough but theres many little streets which can lead to photo opportunities. Maybe have an explore day in your town and see what you can find. Even if it is just a random road which has a nice brick building. Use what you’ve got to your advantage and you’ll create amazing content which didn’t cost you a bomb to travel to.


This one is more suited to whatever your taste is in terms of decorations and blog props. I have a very typical blogger taste. Here are a few props/decor bits I have in my room which might help you if you’re looking to add something to your blog photos.

indoor plants…you can buy fake ones for super cheap or even some of the real ones aren’t too pricey.

clothes rail



photo wall/ wall art



fairy lights



What you use to take your blog photos on is completely up to you. The Iphone takes some amazing photos and actually means you don’t need to fork out on a massive camera or even a camera at all. I personally love to use my olympus pen E PL7 and it works wonders. You don’t even need the latest model to create good content. I actually have a proper DSLR camera which I was bought for my A Level photography and I never use it. I promise you, you’re better off buying a little camera or spending a little more on your phone contract for an Iphone 8.

Just remember, You don’t have to follow what everyone else is doing. Go for your own vibe. Make your blog and Instagram personal to you. work with what you’ve got and just do you.



  1. venus aby
    April 22, 2018 / 4:28 pm

    This post is so useful! The location section really helped. Normally when I think about taking outfit posts, I only think about the areas I already know and then come to the conclusion that they’re not that nice. I never actually go and scout for them, so I’ll definitely try that next time 🙂

    venus |

    • Charlotte
      May 6, 2018 / 2:06 pm

      Aw im glad you found it useful. Having a little bit of an explore really does help to find those perfect locations!

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