With hundreds of different skincare brands on the market, It can be hard to work out which is the best one for you. And with there being so many options, it can be difficult to know where to start. Do you go for the cheaper options? are they just as good as the high end branded products? You never know until you’ve tried them all out.

One product that I love to try out is face masks. I often tend to go for a charcoal face mask as they are typically very good for spot prone skin. So naturally I’m drawn straight towards them. Over the last year, I have realised that its not all about what skin type you have, Its about what is going to give your skin the pamper it really needs. I have tried many face masks. From high street to high end and I’m still searching for the perfect mask.

When I was contacted by Chic Chiq about trying one of their face masks, I was intrigued to find out what makes them different to all the others on the market.

‘Chic Chiq products follow the three basic rules of Ayurveda beauty care: cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing. They are safe and friendly. We use natural and luxurious ingredients from around the world. Whether it’s white Turmeric harvested in the Himalayas, delicate rose petals from Bulgarian fields, or nourishing algae from the oceans, we carefully select only the best ingredients.’

My understanding is that Chic Chiq face mask are made from all natural ingredients which is AMAZING as you’re not putting loads of chemicals on your face which might cause your skin to react. The Chic Chiq face masks come in powder form which I have to admit I found really weird. I had never seen a powder face mask before. The idea behind a powder face mask is that in theory it has a much longer shelf life as not only is it made from natural ingredients, it doesn’t have any chemicals or consistencies which may separate or go off. WIN WIN. This way you don’t have to force yourself to use it all the time, you can use them when you want and they’ll still be okay after leaving them for a very long time.

How to use it..

The best way to use the face mask is to grab a pot of some sort, spoon a couple of tea spoons full of the powder into the pot and add some water. The amount of water purely depends on how much powder you use. You just have to gage it as you go. add small bits of water in at a time. It should then turn into a paste which means its ready to apply. I chose to use to make up brush to apply it and it went on SO easily. Since the product is really natural, its really easy to remove as well.

These Chic Chiq face masks retail for €25 which is pretty pricey for a face mask. Im not sure if I was looking for a new face mask I would immediately go for this one BUT because of the amazing shelf life, it’s definitely something that I would be intrigued by. It does sit on the high end of the scale and if you are looking for something natural and genuinely good for you skin then this is a win win.

Overall, I do actually really like the Chic Chiq face mask. I love the idea of the all natural ingredients as it reduces the amount of chemicals that you are using on your face. Now that I have tried the mask out, I do think I would pay €25 euros on it. I have used it a good few times and it barely looks like I’ve touched it. I really do believe it will last me a very long time. My skin felt super soft after using it and I did feel as though it had cleaned my skin the way I was hoping it would. All in all, it’s a fab face mask and if this sounds up your street and something you would like to try out, I would highly highly recommend.

Shop the Chic Chiq face masks here..

(These masks were sent to me on a gifting/collaboration basis and all opinions are my own)


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