March 23, 2018

When spring rolls around, I have to adapt my winter attire for a less layered version. I absolutely love spring for so many reasons. The flowers bloom, everything comes back to life, the weather warms up…a little, the days get longer, my wardrobe gets more colourful, oh and its my birthday!

There will always be an outfit that we go back to time and time again which acts as a uniform. The outfit that we go to when nothing else looks right. You know the one. During the winter months, I go for jeans and a jumper and its a pretty good staple outfit. Now that spring has sprung, I need to adapt my uniform for the slightly warmer weather. To be honest it makes me happy enough that I don’t have to wear thousands of layers.

In spring, I love to add more colour to my wardrobe as well as getting the trousers out which is quite literally what makes my wardrobe so much better in spring. But trousers aren’t always a look that I love to go for, I have to be in the mood to wear trousers. I have to admit, I will always be a jeans girl. Jeans are my uniform. Recently I have been really getting into lighter denim and giving my wardrobe more of a fresh light feel rather than a heavy dark vibe. I have scrapped the black jeans and brought in the blue denim.

Now that we have got the blue denim in place, we have to scrap the jumper for something a little more spring like. A t shirt. I am an absolute t shirt hoarder and I will always got back to the t shirts. A white t shirt to be precise. Teaming a t shirt with a pair of jeans is such an effortless look and perfect for the spring time. Naturally I have teamed the look with a pair of trainers. Trainers again are another one of my go to pieces. Its all about the comfort when you are creating a uniform outfit.

I have finally added a cardigan….for warmth more than anything but I actually love the vibe an oversized cardigan can give and really bring the outfit together.

Now that I have my uniform sorted, maybe it’s time to get yourself a spring uniform. Just for the days when you’re feeling a little meh about your day.

I’d love to know what your spring uniform is!

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  • Reply Riley March 28, 2018 at 2:20 pm

    I love those jeans! You look beautiful!
    Xo Riley |

    • Reply Charlotte March 28, 2018 at 6:36 pm

      Thanks doll xx

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