Spring is supposedly right around the corner but it certainly doesn’t feel like it. With the cold weather and the want for spring like weather, I have certainly got myself into a pre spring rut. Its that time of year where everyone and their mum along with all the shops are thinking about spring but the weather is like nah ah, winter is staying for another month or so. Ummm I’m sorry weather but can’t you just warm up just a little? Just enough so that I don’t have to wear a coat anymore?

I don’t know about you but it has 100% got me into a no motivation period which isn’t ideal as I feel like my blog is fully taking a back seat which I always hate. Since I am really trying to motivate myself to get back on it and carry on working hard, I thought I would share a few tips on how to motivate yourself when you’re having moments like this? because lets face it, its not a seasonal thing…it happens every now and then and sometimes we need a few motivational tips to help us get back on track.


making a to do list always helps to get everything thats on your brain down onto paper which should take a little bit of pressure off yourself, supposedly making it a little easier to then hopefully motivate yourself to get back on track. I am forever writing a to do list, it really helps me to remember things that often slip my mind. I often update my lists so that I can start a fresh and remind myself what is left to do rather than having a to do list which has things crossed off and looking messy. Maybe thats me being picky and wanting everything to look neat.


I don’t know about you but I always forget to pamper myself yet its the best feeling when you do. Taking some time out for yourself and enjoying a bit of me time can just give yourself a bit of time to relax and release all of those annoying little things on your mind. I am certainly someone who constantly thinks about things and doesn’t give myself the time to relieve the stress. Have a bath, do a face mask, chill in bed watching a movie, whatever it may be that you like to do to give you the ultimate pamper.


Positivity is key to happiness. I am all about the positive vibes even though it can be very easy to drift away from the positivity. I can often slip into a negative mind set, usually set off by work and I really struggle to get out of it. Sometimes it stays with me for a lot longer than it should. Reminding myself of positive things and things to look forward to slowly but surely brings me back to my the positive mind set which instantly helps to motivate me and get me back on track. keeping positive often helps bring a lot of happiness and success and its something to always remember when you’re feeling de motivated.


Having a tidy space is so important for feeling fresh and ready to take on the day. Over the last week I have had the messiest bedroom (i’m room is usually always tidy) and it really dampened my mood. I finally got round to tidying it and oh my did it make the biggest improvement, I just felt so much better after it. Everything was in its place and tidy and was back to the relaxing chill space that I want it to be. I promise you when everything is tidy it really does just take all your worries away. try it, I dare you.


taking a break is always so important not only for yourself but for your well being. That might be taking a day to yourself to get all the little things done or it might be a trip away for the weekend. Sometimes taking some time away from what you’re doing day in day out can really bring the motivation back to your life and helps to give yourself a fresh start. When Monday rolls around, you’ll be ready to take on the week and the rest of the year for that matter. sometimes your just need to take a break and have some me time.

Hopefully these tips can help you to get back on track and ready to take on the massive list you created whilst trying to motivate yourself. I for one am getting through my list, taking the weekend off for some family time and then back on track on Monday. It’s times like these which remind you just why your started and how nothing is perfect 100%  of the time.



  1. February 24, 2018 / 12:58 pm

    What a lovely post. I’ve been stuck in the ‘no motivation’ rut for a little while and I felt like I had no idea on how to get back on track with things. I love all these tips. I definitely agree on making lists, I seem to be doing this more often and it really does help with getting the creative mind flowing. Taking a break is also a great tip as well. Sometimes we get caught up in too much that it becomes overwhelming – it’s always a good idea to take some time out for yourself once in a while.

    Charlotte |

    • Charlotte
      March 18, 2018 / 10:50 am

      Aw thank you lovely! yes it also gets everything out so then you don’t keep thinking about what you need to do. Im glad you enjoyed the post xx

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