February 16, 2018

Spring is very slowly creeping up on us and that means spring summer trends are starting to emerge. When it comes to spring summer I personally tend to stick to the same trends such as florals, cream and white colours…all kind of girl vibes. I am a very girly dresser, especially in the summer and its a trend that comes back every single year which is why I buy into it so much.

Fast fashion trends are what we see happening all the time and those are the trends which we all end up buying into but they actually die out before we’ve really got our monies worth. For example the check trouser trend. whilst yes it is still very much an on trend look, it has died out already and I personally don’t see it transitioning into spring summer. I bought a check blazer which I still absolutely love but I’ve only worn it twice and the likelihood of me getting much more wear out of it is pretty slim BUT it is a piece which I will probably keep as I reckon because its a blazer, I’ll be able to get wear out of it for years to come.

Trends that we are seeing transitioning into spring summer are polka dots, sports wear and 70’s and 90’s inspired pieces. Polka dots are a trend which I believe is worth buying into as polka dots never really die out especially if you have the right pieces for you and your wardrobe. I suppose its all about good quality pieces which you know you will wear year after year. The sportswear trend is what am ultimately here to talk to you about.

This season sports wear is huge. I mean we’ve seen sportswear worn in a casual way for years now but the idea of wearing sportswear in a trend lead way is where we are heading. With adidas recently brining out their adidas colour range and nike releasing their ‘nothing beats a Londoner ‘ campaign, I reckon the sports look is set to be a big thing. I mean Im not a trend forecaster and realistically I don’t know whats going to be the hot trend but with the way adidas and nike are going, its looking pretty likely.


now when it comes to adidas I have a love hate relationship with it. its nothing to do with the brand, I love the brand and their continuing ability to broaden their market and product range. It’s to do with the idea of the traditional black and white adidas pieces being very stereotypically a teenage girl look. Im not saying only teenage girls wear these pieces but from experience working in a shop which sells those pieces, its very clear that they are very popular with that age group. I know that if I wore a black and white adidas cropped jumper, id instantly have this teenage look about me. and I mean it in a way in which i am a very petite person and often get mistaken for being a lot younger than I actually am, I personally don’t want to be seen as a teenager. Im almost 23. Im in no way saying that if you wear these pieces that you look like a teenager or people are going to think that. Its just how I see them on myself BUT saying that, I thought I would share with you a way in which I would style an adidas piece which makes it a lot less ‘teenage girl’


I chose to go with a piece which was an on trend piece for spring summer and didn’t have the typical teenage look. For instance I could have gone for a cropped jumper or a pair of adidas leggings but for me thats not really my style nor are they pieces I would probably ever wear.

I went with these adidas track pant style trousers which are a lot tighter that I thought they would be. I am usually a 4/6 in bottoms and these are a 6 and they were too tight for me and would have ideally needed an 8. So if you’re thinking about getting them, id recommend sizing up. I teamed it with a slouchy v neck/ off the shoulder jumper which is loose fitting and gives more of a casual sports lux vibe to the trousers. To dress up the look, I have added a pair of black boots which completely take away the sporty vibe and give the trousers more of a smart trouser vibe. Equally a pair of white trainers would give more of a casual on trend look which I actually would probably wear on a daily basis. I love these trousers I think they are quite a cool piece. It’s nice to have a piece which is a little bit out of your comfort zone. If black isn’t your colour, the adidas colour range is beaut. I have my eye on a red adidas jumper which I don’t need but I really want.

What are your thoughts on the sports trend? are you loving it or avoiding it?

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