2018 GOALS

2018 GOALS
2018 has arrived and I’m all about the new year, new start this year. If you follow me on twitter or have been regularly reading my posts, you’ll know I didn’t have the best end of 2017 and that was all because of my job. Now that a new year has hit, Im ready to focus on me and making myself happy in all aspects. 
I never set myself resolutions as I know that I wont stick to them but I do always set myself goals for that year. I give myself a list of goals and if I don’t manage to reach them, they roll over into the next year. 
‘A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot’ – Joe Vitale
My 2018 Goals
Get a new job
As I just said the end of my 2017 wasn’t as good as it could have been due to work. They completely overworked me and to be honest, it completely messed with my mental health. I thought I was quite good at dealing with stress and being able to keep myself sane during though times like that but I realised that the stress of work was killing the happy human I am. Nothing is worth that much stress. I had always said to myself that after 6 months of being a Visual Merchandiser, I would then look for a new job. At the end of December my 6 months was up and now I’m more keen than ever to get out of this horrid job which I don’t enjoy and find something that works for me and gives me goals to work towards. I guarantee this one will be achieved as soon as it can and I’m looking forward to see what comes of it. 
Pass My Driving Test
This is one of my 2017 goals which I did’nt manage to achieve. Im hoping that when I take my third test at the end of Jan that I will pass. Learning to drive has been something which I have always hated doing and I don’t enjoy it what so ever. I like being able to drive and knowing that I can do it but the learning side has quite literally been horrid. Im hoping that I will pass my next test but If I don’t I will keep going and I will finally get there. Whilst I don’t really want to and properly have to force myself to do these lessons and tests, hopefully I will get there and reach this goal. 
Work On Me and Take Time For Me
Over the last month or so I realised that work had taken over my life and when I had spare time all I wanted to do was chill or sleep. It taught me that I need to give myself more time. I need to start doing things for me and making myself as happy as I can be. I have been so busy that I barely took any time to see my friends because I had no energy. This year I really want to give myself more time for doing what I love and spending time on me. I forget sometimes to give myself some me time and time for chill. More relaxing, having fun and enjoying my life. 
Work Hard On My Blog and Begin My Youtube Adventure
This is kind of 2 goals in one but they sit together so we’ll go with it being one goal.  Over the last year, I worked incredibly hard on my blog and got as much content out there as I could. I am now keen to take it that one step further and make the content the best it can be. Write about the things I love and share the outfits Im loving. I want to be the blogger I want to be and not how I feel I should be. I have also taken in upon myself to start a Youtube channel. Something which I am actually a little bit scared about doing but if it doesn’t scare you then the dream isn’t big enough. I have already made the youtube channel and I am now just plucking up the courage to sit down and film. It will be coming very soon as I am super excited to get into the world of youtube and I hope you all are too. 
If you want to subscribe….CLICK HERE….I would really appreciate if you did subscribe, videos will be coming soon!
Go Away/ Visit The World More
This is one that Isnt as achievable as some of the others but its something I want to at least work towards. I love exploring, It such a fun enjoyable thing to do and doing that in a country I have never been to is even more exciting. I want to at least do a few city trips and explore some of the amazing countries and places out there. 
A few places I really want to go to this year are..
Paris – I have been here before but I really want to go to disneyland paris. 
they are just a few but theres so many I want to visit, I might not get the chance this year but I’m hoping I’ll get to do these at least this year
Push Myself Out Of My Comfort Zone
This has always been something I have struggled with. I very easily get comfortable with what I am doing and will not then go out of my comfort zone. I have realised that I am very much stuck in a comfort hole and I really need to get myself out of it because who knows what will come from it. Getting a new job is definitely the start of getting myself out there and pushing myself to go to places and do things is something I am really keen to do. Like I said earlier if it doesn’t scare you, the dream isn’t big enough and I totally agree. I don’t think I am dreaming big enough, therefore I need to do something about it. Im looking forward to seeing where this takes me.
Meet Up With The Girls More and Make The Effort To See Them
Over the last year I have been a disastrous friend. Work really has taken over my life and I haven’t given myself time to see my friends. We don’t live close which does make everything harder and because I can’t drive, it makes it even harder for me. I can’t easily hop in the car and drive to see them. I have made a pact to myself that I will see them as much as I possibly can. I haven’t really been myself for the last 4 months or so and I think with the girls back in my life I should hopefully get myself back to being me. I also miss them SO much and need to create more memories with them. I looked back at my uni photos the other day and just reminded myself of all the amazing times we have had and I cant wait to hopefully create some more this year. 
Get the Happy Charlotte Back
This is something I know that I can do very easily. I know that one of the main reasons I have been so down is because of my job and that Is something that I am now going to start working on. Once I get a new job, Im pretty sure I will feel more me and be happier with my life situation. Hopefully it will get the ball rolling and I will become the happy Charlotte I always am. I already feel happier and I think thats because I’m firstly working on my blog and giving myself things to work towards but also know that I am hopefully going to get a new job soon. Got to think of the positives and that it whats getting me through the tough days. 
There you have it, those are my 2018 goals and I’m incredibly excited to get some of these goals crossed off within the next year. Some are harder to achieve than others but all things that I will definitely be working towards. 
Id love to know if we share any of the same goals? and if not what are your goals for 2018? 


  1. January 3, 2018 / 8:04 pm

    Nice post! I hope you'll find a job that makes you happier soon and that you'll achieve most, if not all of your goals this year! And I can't wait to see what you're coming up with on YouTube! Good luck with everything and happy new year!

    xx, Valeria


  2. January 4, 2018 / 2:08 am

    This are all so lovely! I honestly hope you achieve them and I'm sure you can. You are going to do amazing! Also, good luck in your driving exam!
    To Read with Tea

  3. January 4, 2018 / 11:51 am

    Lovely post! I hope you achieve these goals! I'd also love to work harder on my blog this year in hope to take it further! x


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