December 18, 2017

Everyone loves a Christmas treat and there are so many different Christmas foods to choose from. Like Christmas dinner for example is possibly one of the best dinners to ever have. I LOVE it. Apart form the Brussel sprouts. Not really a fan of those. 

My favourite Christmas treat is the Chocolate selection boxes. You just sit on the sofa after a long day, pop the tv on and pig out on a selection box. It’s just something you do at Christmas isn’t it? My favourite selection box has got to be either Celebrations or Hero’s. I could literally eat the whole box of either of those. And because the chocolates are quite small, you don’t feel as guilty when you end up eating about 10 in one sitting. I always feel christmassy when I have a selection box, I think thats purely down to the fact they are only sold at Christmas but its a nice little tradition to have I guess. 
My other favourite Christmas treat….I know Im naughty I have 2….is Treeslets. If you have never had these you have not lived. They are the best cheese snacks you’ll every have. They’re so moreish but they are so worth it. Me and my family love them and we always stock up at Christmas because you can’t get them any other time of year. Honestly well worth pigging out on if you ask me. 
Whats your favourite Christmas treat? Send me a tweet @iamcharolivia

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