When it comes to festive make up, it doesn’t stray too far away from my every day make up look. I am one of those girls who will always be super simple with her make up and even when it comes to occasions such as the christmas party…I still look pretty much the same. Safe to say make up isn’t my strong point. 

When I go out, I do like to add something a little extra and for me that is eye shadow and lipstick. I am by no means any where near being a professional at eye shadow but I always give it a go. I think at christmas, its nice to go for the shimmery gold colours. Something festive but neutral. As I have said I am pretty simple with my make up so I personally wouldn’t go for anything too drastic. A neutral eye with a neutral lipstick is a winner winner chicken dinner for me. 

Christmas make up is all about what you feel most comfortable in. For me its super simple with a bit of a shimmery eye, for the next gal it might be all out with the glitter, eye liner, false eye lashes, the works. Everyone has their own version of festive make up. I wanted to share with you what a simple make up kinda gal does for Christmas and maybe it will inspire one or two of you who’s not really into make up to give it a go. Doesn’t have to be drastic, it doesn’t even have to look like much. Just something that makes you feel good. Knowing you’ve managed to put on some eye shadow and it doesn’t look like its been smeared over your eye lid by a 5 year old is pretty good achievement. Its taken me long enough to master the art of a small amount of eye shadow, believe me.
Festive make up doesn’t have to be crazy, its just got to be you!


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