December 15, 2017

Theres something so lovely about being super cosy inside whilst its freezing outside. Sat in your comfy Pjs snuggled up in a cosy blanket in front of the fire whilst watching a movie. I am such a grandma so this something I absolutely love doing. You can even do it in a classy way with your glass of prosecco in hand. 

I love a night in, I think sometimes they are so needed and when you have the right company they can be the best nights. I can’t wait for those times when I am a little bit older and I can sit with my husband and our friends and just have drinks whilst watching a movie. Like I genuinely can’t wait for those days. For now, It will just be me and my girls sat in the living room with our prosecco and our fave Christmas movie. Not every night is the right occasion for prosecco so I guess you’ve got to switch it up with a hot chocolate from time to time. Certainly a good way to relax in the evening. 
My ideal winter night in would be on a really crisp cold evening, one of those where you have just got in from work and you’re freezing so you put on your favourite cosy pyjamas ready to warm up. Saying that Id get out my cosy pyjamas, possibly christmas ones but usually the ugliest comfiest pyjamas going with my gross over worn dressing gown popped on over the top. Then Id have a cosy pair of socks on with my Ugg slippers on top. Quite literally my favourite look to wear when I am at home. Not the most glamorous but who needs to be glamorous when you can be super comfy in your ugly pyjamas? Id then probably chuck my hair in into a bun so that I feel comfortable and nothing is annoying me and then get all cosy on the sofa with a big blanket ready to pop on a movie. Ideally Id want someone to cuddle, someone to get cosy with but I don’t really have one of those so I’d get cosy with the pillows and find a comfy spot on the sofa. I’d most likely get someone to get the fire going because lets face it, I would be able to do that with supervision. And if I was feeling it, I’d go and make myself a hot chocolate with cream on top just for an extra cosy touch. 
I can’t express to you how much I love these kind of evenings. Goodbye wild night out Charlotte, Granny Charlotte has fully replaced her. Part of me is kinda sad about it and the other part of me is like I had fun but its now time for cosy relaxed evenings. You don’t have to go out and get drunk to have fun and let your hair down. Its about being with the people you love and enjoy the company of. 
Let me know if you’re having any cosy winter nights in. Getting cosy with friends, family or even your love, id love to know your ideal winter night in! 

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