I dont often have favourites of the month….the main reason being that I am a creature of habit and stick to the same things day in day out BUT since I haven’t done one in a long ass time, I thought it was about time I shared some of my fave things of the moment. 
Im going to start with something which just put the biggest smile on my face and that was when Soph turned up at my house and gave me these flowers. I LOVE flowers and love the idea of giving flowers to someone, I think its so thoughtful. You don’t give flowers to just anyone. Fun Fact…I have never been given flowers by a boy. So any boys out there who fancy buying a bouquet of flowers for me, I’ll happily take them off your hands. Jokes aside, this was one of those things that just made me so happy and Soph knows me well enough to know id love them. Also I have had them for just over a week and they’re still going strong. Tesco’s finest.
Silver shampoo is my saviour and if you’ve got bleached hair I’m sure you’ll agree. I recently re bleached the ends of my hair…you probably can’t tell but I wanted to do something to it. Realistically I should probably go to a hair dresser and have it done properly but me no wanna spend the monies. Maybe i’ll do that in the new year. Anyways I’m going off topic. This stuff is amazing, I believe its around the £2 mark and does a pretty goof job if you ask me. It does have to be used a few times to properly get the brassiness out of your hair but I’m pretty sure thats the same for most products like this. 100% recommend if you have ombre hair or bleached hair. Worth a try at least. 

My hair is something I never really ever talk about yet I’m here writing about 2 hair related things in my favourites. I am a curly hair-aholic…I don’t know if thats a thing but I’m making it a thing. I curl my hair every time I wash my hair, Its like a ritual for me. I feel naked when I haven’t curled my hair. If you see my au natural or with straight hair, its either because I’m too tired and I can’t be bothered or I have no social things coming up and no photos are going to be taken so I go full on lazy. That doesn’t happen very often. You may know that I go for like a natural wave/curl with my hair and these Babyliss straighteners are my secret weapon. They are amazing. I’ve never really been one for spending hundreds of pounds on straighteners, purely because you can get some amazing cheaper versions out there and these are pretty good. My curls stay in for like 3 days which is a winner winner chicken dinner if you ask me. I believe I paid about £60 for these and they have treated me very well. 
I mentioned this in my Glossier Post but for those of you who might not have seen it…this lip balm is amazing. It feels really luxurious and Im just such a fan. It now lives in the bottom of my bag with all of my other crap. It’s also such a handy size and fits into all the little pockets in my bags. 
I have been on the hunt for a decent liquid highlighter which wasn’t too pricey and I think I’ve found it. Im still not entirely sure how you’re supposed to use it but I’m using my minimal make up skills and Ive just about got it. I believe this was £6 and it comes in a range of highlighter shades. Now just to find a power equivalent. 
Still in love with my case station phone case. I don’t really know what else to say other than go and check out the website and create your own phone case!

This is something that I did a while ago and I was patiently waiting for it to come out. I had no idea how it was going to look and I LOVE IT. They made my TWO pages match me as a blogger perfectly….not that its hard. I feel incredibly lucky to have been asked to be in The Grafton Press and even luckier to have 2 pages worth. Its a small achievement but one for me which I am incredibly excited about. Always celebrate the smallest achievements. 
If you would like to read the interview…you can read it HERE
Thanks for dropping by, I hope you enjoyed this post! See you soon xxxx


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