When I think of So…? Fragrances, I think of 10 year old me and the little perfumes that everyone had at that age. The one I remember was So..? Kiss me and I used to LOVE that. I knew that SO…? had a large range of scents and body sprays but I never really ever thought about trying them out and I don’t know why because they are so affordable. 
SO…? Fragrances got in touch and asked if I wanted to try out one of their new scents and I was like HELL YEAH. Im all for trying out new perfumes and body sprays because I spray them like there is a bad smell in the room.
This new scent is from their Fashion Collection…sounds right up my street. 
‘The collection embodies the girl who loves to follow the latest trends and make them her own’
I feel like that quote is me, this collection is the ideal collection for me and I’m so happy that I got the chance to try one of the fragrances out. There is 4 fragrances in this SO…? collection I am SO…?, SO…? Dark Romance, SO…? Sheer Illusion and SO…? Floral Crush. 
The scent that I got the chance to try out is Sheer Illusion and I AM IN LOVE. I have been wearing this everyday since I got it. I just adore the way it smells. Also can we just take a moment to appreciate the packaging. First of all its pink and second of all the gold foil logo had me hooked right from the start. 

The scent is described as ‘a sensual blend of mandarin and bergamot opens up the fragrance, progressing to a floral heart of rose and jasmine, before leaving you with a creamy sandal wood base.’
I personally can’t even think how to describe this perfume other than it genuinely makes me think of a perfume I have smelt before. Its such a feminine sent and I would recommend this to everyone. It smells so luxurious even though its only £6.99… come on thats such a good price. Its only a little perfume but it does make it super handy for throwing in your bag and mine has been living in my bag along side the fragrance mist…
The fragrance mist smells exactly the same as you would expect and I love this. Its great to just spray all over when you’ve had a little bit of a sweaty shift at work and you want to feel human again. Its also great for going crazy with the spraying as you can use both together and use the perfume less frequently. This fragrance mist is £4.99
Honestly, Im so impressed with these SO…? Fragrances and will definitely be using this a lot over the coming months. I mean bye CK into U, this is my new favourite. 
I did also get sent some body mists from the Body Mist by SO…? collection but I’m yet to try those out so keep an eye out on my Instagram and Instagram stories to find out about those. All I can say is they also smell Devine.
This SO…? Fragrance and fragrance mist are available from boots and for £12 for the pair, you can’t really go wrong
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  1. October 13, 2017 / 6:59 pm

    The packaging of these is so pretty and autmunal! These sound amazing, I think I’ll have to give them a go. X


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