Over the last year, I have been undergoing an Invisalign treatment. Im not sure undergoing was the right word but you get my gist. I have now finished the treatment and I wanted to share with you all my journey throughout. I have previously written a few posts about my Invisalign but this post is  about everything, the ins and outs and even includes before and after photos. I am little bit nervous about posting this as the photos haven’t been seen by anyone but I think its important for people to see what it is actually like and how my teeth have actually changed. 
Why did I get Invisalign?
My teeth have never been perfect and to be honest with you, I just kinda dealt with them. I didn’t think they were ridiculously bad nor were the perfect, they were just teeth. I didn’t ever have braces when I was younger purely because my dentist never really said I needed them…I think that was because they didn’t want to pay for them on the NHS but like I said I didn’t really think they were that bad. Then there was a turning point. As I got towards the end of my final year of uni, I became more and more self conscious about my teeth. Every time someone would speak to me, I could just see their eyes drifting towards my teeth and It started to really bother me. I then started working and meeting new people and again I just felt people weren’t looking at me, they were looking at my teeth and my self convinced fell to the floor. SO because of that, I then decided to do something about it. Self confidence is something that can easily be damaged but if you can do something about it and you know it will help, do it. It depends on the situation obviously. 
The process
Consultation and pricing
It all began with a consultation at my dentist. Luckily the dentist I usually go to also does Invisalign and the dentist who does the Invisalign is the dentist I have known pretty much all my life so I felt really relaxed and comfortable going to see her. The consolation is basically to see if your teeth are the right candidate if you like for an Invisalign treatment. For instance if you have severely bad teeth you maybe have to go down the train track route but its worth going to a consultation just to see. At this point they will also put together a pricing list with the break down of how much its gunna cost you. The price depends on the person, the more severe your teeth are, the more expensive. I was told that mine would cost about the £4,000 mark which was a lot to take in to begin with but you pay it all in instalments so if you speak to your dentist, they’ll be able to sort out instalments that work for you. I was very much prepared to pay for it myself but my parents said that they would pay of it and i am incredibly thankful for that. 
After everything was confirmed and I was okay to go ahead, I went back in and had my moulds taken. This is like the typical thing that happens with braces and its not the most pleasant of experiences but its not as bad as people make out. The moulds are important and have to be prefect so be prepared to have a few taken on the day. I ahem heard that some dentists use photography machine thing to do this but I did it the old school way. I also had professional photos taken of my teeth which would be sent to Invisalign  along with the moulds. I then had to wait 6 weeks before my braces would be ready. 
This is technically where the journey begins. So I went back in and got my very first brace. 
before you can put the braces on, you have to have the attachments applied to your teeth. These are like little buttons which are popped onto your teeth to help them move into place. You cant really tell that they are there which is fab and they tend to be quite small. 

The first brace
Im not gunna beat around the bush here but the first brace was AWFUL. I have never felt pain like it and the first day was a struggle. I felt very light headed, I felt sick, I couldn’t bring myself to eat because my teeth were in so much pain…I think I managed some soup actually and in the end just slept all day. It wasn’t great. I dont want this to be the reason to put you off but I’m just being honest. BUT one thing I will say, this is the worst pain you’ll get, It gets better and better each week. I do have to say, day 2 was a hell of a lot better in terms of pain and I felt more alive. I did however end up with the BIGGEST ulcer known to mankind and I had to go to work and serve customers. It was an experience. It was the only bad ulcer I had and it latest about a week maybe. With the help of Bonjela, I was well on my way to having a less swollen lip. 
From then on, I changed my braces every 2 weeks until my dentist then told me that I could change them every week due to me being younger and apparently younger peoples teeth move a lot quicker. This was such a relief for me as I had a lot of self confidence issues when I first got my braces and the thought of having them for a year was something I didn’t want to deal with at the time. I felt like they weren’t moving at all. So I had 20 aligners and went back to the dentist thinking it was the end but it wasn’t. Basically we decided since I am here in this process, that I should get them as straight as I can so in I went with the moulds again.
2nd aligner set
This time I only had 16 aligners and a lot of the movement was happening with my back teeth so the front teeth were very close to where they were gunna be. At this point I could see where they were going and I got my self confidence back. 
We then got to a point where my little teeth either side of my 2 middle teeth hadn’t moved down as much as we’d had liked so I had these buttons put on them and then had to apply elastic bands around my teeth to help them move. It was a right old faff but luckily only lasted 2 weeks so I cant complain. They did move down but they happen to be the tiniest teeth on earth and they weren’t actually gunna go any further so we just left them as is and to be honest it makes no difference to me. They’re my natural teeth so they aren’t going to be the perfect size are they. 
The finale
Last week I had the attachments taken off and I FEEL FABULOUS. I CANT STOP SMILING. I do still have to wear a retainer for the next couple of months all day every day like I did my aligners and then once 2 months are up, I only have to wear them at night. Genuinely I am so happy. 

Above are the before and after photos of my teeth. It has been a long but very quick process and I’m so happy with the outcome. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know how much I cant stop smiling, my Insta stories are just my teeth. I just want to smile all the time. 
If you’re thinking about Invisalign and you think its something that is for you then I would 100,000,000% recommend you get it. Its hard at times and little frustrating having to take them out every time you eat but you get used to it and it becomes the norm. You start to have your little braces case with you at all times no matter where you are. 
Its a great experience and cant express how worth it is. 
If you have any questions or want to know more….send me a message via Instagram @iamcharlotteolivia and I will do a post answering all your questions. If I don’t get many, I will just reply to your message and give you any info you need.
I really hope you enjoyed this and it was of interest for you. I feel very nervous having my before teeth here online for anyone to see but i think its important to see how much difference it can make.  


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