As you probably know, Glossier has started shipping to the UK and I was curious to see what all the fuss was about. I didnt really know a huge amount about the brand but I have heard so many bloggers go on about it that I thought why not give it a try.
First of all, lets talk about how amazing the website is. Its a super simple website but it just has so many quirky things about it which make it so unique, Like the cursor changing to different icons every time you hover over a different product. Now thats cool. Also the packaging is GORGE…I couldn’t say no to that. 

I had no idea what to buy so I decided to go with the Glossier phase 1 set which costs £35 which I didn’t think was too bad for 3 products. Considering you can pay £25 for one moisturiser from other brands.
Priming Moisturiser

I didn’t really know what to expect with this moisturiser but I was really pleasantly surprised. I am always looking to try out new moisturisers that help my make up stay on throughout the day and actually moisturise my skin enough. I have an annoying skin type. Sometimes its super oily, sometimes its covered in spots and other times its dry. I literally can’t win. I have been using this everyday before doing my make up and I LOVE it. It gives the right amount of moisture to my face without making my skin too oily. My skin hasn’t reacted to it either which is an absolute bonas. This moisturiser by itself costs £18 which I don’t think is too bad considering you don’t need a huge amount  as it goes quite far. This one I would definitely recommend trying if you’re looking for a new moisturiser. 
Balm Dotcom

I LOVE THIS. There are many lip balms on the market and you know most of them do the trick BUT  I just love this. My lips got insanely dry after doing a week of late shifts. Reason being because I didn’t get the chance to drink enough water at work which lead them to being SO dry. This arrived and I thought, lets try and see if this helps the situation out and within 2 days my dry lips had come back to life. I love this. Its going to be coming with my everywhere. Its a really luxurious feeling lip balm as well which is nice because it actually feels like its working which is nice. I promise you if you’re gunna buy anything from Glossier, This is the item you need. They do it in a range of different flavours, I chose the plain one. This retails for £10 by itself and I would say its definetly worth that amount. 
Milk Jelly Cleanser 

This item is the one that Im still yet to properly make my mind up about. I have used it a few times and it is super easy to use and leaves your skin feeling super soft. Im just not 100% convinced on whether I love it or not. This retails for £15 which is a really good price and for anyone who’s looking for a new cleanser, this is deffo an option. For me I am not a big cleanser user so I think I need to get some more use out of this before I know my full opinion. I know this is a bit of a crap review of this but I wanted to share with you what I think so far and If I do end up loving it, I will make sure to include it in a favourites for you and let you know my full opinion. Watch this space!
If you’re wanted to shop Glossier or like the sound of any of these products then head over to the Glossier website by clicking here


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