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October 1, 2017
I dont know about you but I love being happy. I am pretty much always happy… of course I have those down days, they happen you cant avoid them but in the grand scheme of things I’m always happy. Its something I kinda pride myself on. I have learnt over the years to not dwell on the bad things but actually take the positives out of situations and life in general and it has made the world of difference not only me but who I surround myself with. 
Creating your own happiness begins with taking every positive you can out of your day or week or life. I came across this way of being happy from having a really bad patch of anxiety. When I finished uni, I really struggled with my anxiety and it stopped me doing a lot of things. I struggled to go on trains, being in a train station would panic me, Id panic over really little things that never bothered me before, I would have really crappy days at home…the list goes on. These things may not seem that bad and of course there are people out there that have anxiety way worse than I do but for me it was awful. It got to a point where it bothered me a lot that I kept feeling this way. I took upon myself to find a way of dealing with it and my idea was to write down the positive things that came out of that day. I had a little note book which I would write them down in. I never re looked at it but it was a place to get out all the positives of that day. I would also write down the bad things so that it felt like I told someone but I put all the emphasis on the positives. 
When you actually think about it…there are a lot of positive things that can come out of your day. As I write this I have had a pretty upset couple of days. Something didn’t turn out the way I really hoped it would and It broke me and then I had to go to work the next day…of which involves talking to people…I couldn’t avoid people lets just say that much. Luckily no one could tell. I was pretty sad all day at work…holding back tears in something I have learnt to do pretty well over the last few years. Anyways my point is, although I was feeling so upset and down, I pushed through and got on with my day. If I am taking the positives out of today…first of all, I have amazing friends. I also had a lovely chat with one of my team leaders about her wedding. It has nothing to do with me but it was so nice to talk to someone about something that is so exciting to them because she just beamed happiness and when you’re down you need happiness. It completely took my mind off of it and I was just normal happy charlotte. Another positive out of my day was that I came home to a little gift from my parents which was in fact a blanket with pugs all over it. It kinda sounds like it would be gross but its actually a really nice blanket and It was such a lovely little gift. I will always appreciate the little things in life. They are the most important. Like being made toast with your favourite spread on it when you didn’t even ask for it. Those were the positives out of my day and when I think about them, I think wow I have so many things to be happy about. Every day brings something happy and those happy moments are the ones you have to focus on. They are the things that you appreciate more and more every day. Its kinda where creating your happiness has to start because you start to focus on what is most important to you. For me it is to be happy therefore I focus on the happy things. 
Surrounding yourself with happy positive people literally makes the world of difference to how you are as a person. I dont think I go a day without some sort of laughter and that to me is so important. Me and Soph dont really go a day without laughing about something. We have times when both of us are down but we know how to pick each other up. Having people who will pick you up in bad situations is so crutial because thats what you need in times like that. Whilst I was at uni I experienced quite a horrible situation with a girl I lived with…she was so negative towards me and made me feel so down when she was around that I became one of those people who is constantly annoyed and I cant think of anything worse. It taught me that surrounding yourself with good people, people that you love instantly can change your mood and the way you are as a person and honestly it such a good thing to live by. Sometimes you cant always get rid of those kinds of people but you can definitely distance yourself or spend more time with those who do make you happy to counteract it. It’s hard but there is always someone who will be able to put a smile back on your face no matter what.  
Memories are something that are so personal to you and you can create memories with some of the most amazing people but sometimes your relationship with that person can come to an end. It might not but there is that opportunity for you to go a different way to someone can it can be a horrible thing to have to go through but something that I think you always have to remember is those amazing moments you did have. Have no regrets and look back with a happy heart. I have had many moments where things have come to an end but I have cherished every moment and feel lucky that for that moment in my life I had such a good time. Life never goes the way we plan it in our heads so its all amount living for the moment and enjoying life literally as it comes. That is something that I have learnt recently and something that I wish I had taken on board a long time ago. My friend lauren always used to say to me, live for the moment not the future and she is so right. Take every moment as it comes. 
This is probably the most important point. NEVER depend on someone to create your happiness. your happiness is all down to you and making yourself feel good. If you depend on someone when theyre gone your then not going to be happy. You need to be happy no matter what. I am a happy person all the time as I have said before and If someone on top of that makes me happy thats an absolute bonas. It is so lovely when you can fill someone with happiness just from being you. Creating your happiness is down to you and your lifestyle and the things that make you happy and if someone makes you happy that is amazing but dont depend on it because they might not be there forever. 
remember you are the most important thing in your life and your happiness in SO important for your health. BE HAPPY

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