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September 23, 2017
I dont know about you but Bicester Village isn’t exactly a place I tend to shop on the weekly but it is nice to have a look around designer shops and see if theres any hidden gems. I was never gunna be the girl that comes home with a designer hand bag….I ain’t got the pennies for that but I did however pick up some little bits which are cheap compared to the majority of Bicester Village. To be honest it was more of a day out and somewhere for me and Soph to go that was a little different. I bought 3 things and those 3 things are pretty simple but pieces that I know I will get lots of wear out of so I thought I would share my little gems. 

I am a huge fan of All Saints and if I could afford it…I’d shop there all the time. All Saints is my style in a shop. I was curious to see what they had to offer, if anything and to be honest it was pretty crap. There were nice things but they were just WAY out of my budget so I was a little disappointed. I did however find this cute little t shirt which is right up my street. It’s a very thin material…the type you can see your bra through but I quite like the idea of seeing a black lace bralette under white t shirt. Its also got the cutest frilly hem..How could I say no? 
I believe this one cost me about £16 

A trip to Bicester Village wouldn’t be worth it if you didn’t end up in Calvin Klein. I don’t know about you but I LOVE Calvin Klein underwear. Any time I can get my hands on some discounted Calvin’s, Im there. I bought this little set to wear more as Pyjamas and I love them. Calvin’s I really don’t need but Calvin’ s that will get so much love. If you don’t own any Calvin’s, you need to. Comfiest knickers EVER. 
This set cost me £30 I believe. 

I didn’t expect myself to walk away from Jack Wills with anything let alone this CUTE jumper. Something you probably know is how much I LOVE stripes so when I sae this out of the corner of my eye, I was instantly drawn closer to it. Its everything I want in stripy jumper and It had to come home with me. They also only had big sizes and believe it or not this is a 14. I don’t actually know how that is possible because I am a 6 and it fits me pretty much perfectly and is slightly cropped. I think something went wrong there. BETTER YET it cost me £24. Like how could I say no. I couldn’t. 
This will be featured in a blog post very soon and you can see exactly what it looks like! 
I apologise for the fact I can’t link to any of these pieces but there will be more newness coming to you very soon which will be pieces you will be able to get your hands on. 
Until next time 

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