Im not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom. That is exactly how I feel in this outfit. I have always had this vision of being one of those cool mums that drops their kids off and super cool and stylish. This outfit makes me feel like one of those kinda mums and I’m totally diggin it. It’d one of those effortlessly cool looks which I’m all about this Autumn winter.

It all started when I found this heavenly jumper in H&M. When it comes to Autumn Winter, I have zero control when it comes to buying knitwear. Im just a sucker for a knitted jumper HOWEVER over the years I have realised that some knitwear just isnt worth the bobbling. This one is more of a rougher knit, still comfortable and soft but less likely to bobble and I am in LOVE. First of all its oversized so you can hide that food baby or the 50 layers youve got on underneath to keep warm and secondly the colour is SO pretty. The delicate rose pink just makes it the perfect feminine addition to my jumper collection. It falls so nicely on the body that I just had to have it in my life. 

The second part to my cool mom look is the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G mom jeans which I have fallen in love with just like everything else in my wardrobe. I have such a struggle when it come to mom jeans and them fitting my waist and I have finally found some which fit exactly how I want them to. These are a pair of Zara jeans which I actually found out about through Emma Hill who had the most amazing jean wardrobe…she is the one who inspired me to get on the blue mom jean hype. I bought these jeans in a size 4 and they fit FABULOUSLY. I also took it upon myself to distress the hem of the jeans. I am quite short so typically I would have to roll these anyways but I love that look of a cut off jean and especially a pair of blue mom jeans. I AM IN LOVE. 

I love the way this jumper hangs on my body and the way that the jeans look. Its kind of a baggy all over situation but it just works. Its an on trend look which is also really really comfy. Like what more could you want? yes it does have a mom vibe but ya know want I’m loving it and I feel super trendy and cool. I of course had to finish the look off with my black converse and my classic Zara bag.

It’s all about the mom/loose fit jeans this season and they are available pretty much everywhere. My next purchase….these jeans in black! Im sure you’ll see more mom outfits coming to my blog very soon!


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