This summer has been a bit of a different one for me. As you may know I graduated uni last year and have basically been working ever since. SO having a whole summer off isnt really a thing anymore which is one of the annoying things about growing up. A lot can happen over the course of 3 months and you can also learn quite lot in those 3 months. 
So what I have I learnt this summer?
Best Friends are SO important
Here’s a fun fact about me. I have never really had a best friend…actually thats a lie, I have had best friends but never one who is genuinely my best friend in every aspect. I met Sophie almost a year ago and I think we became best friends after about a week which for me was pretty impressive because that never happens with me. Im usually the add on friend, the one on the side which you know you just get used to. I have created some of the best memories with Sophie this summer and have had some of the funniest times. We have also been through lots of downs and thats just life but I am so lucky to have met someone who loves me and appreciates me just as much as I do her. Honestly when I found out that Hairspray was her fave movie….its mine too….I knew that we were gunna be friends for life. Your best friend is someone your should really cherish and be there for no matter what. This summer has taught me that sometimes it is hard and situations may test you and you will have amazing times too and its important to know that its not always going to be easy breezy. Life just doesn’t happen like that.
Hard Work Will Pay Off One Day 
This summer I got a new job working as a Visual Merchandiser and I LOVE it. I thoroughly enjoy the job I get to do, Its incredibly tiring at times and sometimes I wonder why I put myself through it but I am learning a lot and it is a job that I am good at. Its nice when you can do a job and know that you can do it well. I am a very hardworking person. I have always been. I am someone who has always always always had to work hard to get what I get. For example when I did my dissertation at uni, I really struggled because it was academic writing and I can’t write academically. I tried SO hard to get this essay written in the right way and I knew it wasn’t going to get me an amazing grade but I know I worked hard on it. I put my all into it and there was nothing more I could have done to make it any better. I got a 2:2 which I perfectly happy with considering and I knew I could bump it up with my Final Major Project. The same kind of hard working relates to my job. I work very hard at work and I always do things to the best of my ability but there is always someone in front who gets everything before you, gets rewarded before you and swans around like they’re better than you and its something that has happened to me and Sophie. Sometimes we have discussions as to why are hard work is missed but then I always have to remember that the good people don’t always get it easy, you don’t get it handed to you. But then  I don’t want things handed to me I want to work hard for what I do. I suppose you have to remember that there will always be someone that couple steps ahead of you and that your steps happening a little slower but eventually you will get there.  
Enjoy The Moments You Do Get
This summer I was lucky enough to meet a boy and this boy turned out to be one of the best people to come into my life. I have never felt so comfortable and myself with someone. I have a bit of a silly side which doesn’t really come out that much…it does around my sister and occasionally Sophie but thats about it. So If someone can bring out my silly side and be silly with me, then thats a winner winner chicken dinner. We laughed all the time and were silly all the time. We went on a amazingly cute date to the Zoo which I will never forget because I enjoyed it so much…especially the meerkats, they were cute. It was a such a great two months which sadly had to come to an end as it was basically a right person wrong time situation which broke my heart my not going to lie. I feel incredibly lucky to have met someone like him and to have him in my life. We decided that we will still be there in each others life just not the way it was which is sad and I will miss him but I enjoyed every single second I got to spend with him as I feel so happy when I am with him. I will never regret those two months and I will always look back at it as such a happy time in my life. I am happy I can say that I did enjoy the moments we got together and I suppose if you’re meant to be together you will be. Alex I adore you don’t ever forget that. This has definitely taught me how important it is to enjoy everything and the times you have with people because you don’t know when its going to end. At least I can say I have had summer fling, tick that off my bucket list….always taking the positives out of things hehe.
Creating Memories Is Key
Creating memories is a given but when youre working all the time its really good to always have something to look forward to or to look back at to make work more bearable. For instance, going to festivals, weekends away, days out, holidays…. you get the gist. I have created quite a few memories this summer…lets start with 
Majorca avec Sophie. 
Considering we had only been friends for about 4 months by this point we took ourselves to majorca for 5 days and we had such a lovely relaxing holiday which was exactly what we needed. We explored most of the time as it wasn’t really that hot but that was okay because we just enjoyed spending time together, taking photos, planning life, laughing…a lot. Was genuinely such an amazing holiday. 
Chelsea Flower Show
This was a christmas present to my mum from my sister and I. It was surprising really good. I say surprisingly because its about gardens and gardens isn’t exactly my thing but the creation for a beautiful garden takes so much hard work and time. It was really interesting to see…we also had the most amazing cheese on toast so I mean it was worth it just for that. My mum had an amazing time which was the main reason for going. 
Me and Sophie had no Idea what to expect with this festival apart from the fact we were gunna get to see our number 1 bae Craig David. We had such a funny day and saw so many random situations going on. I think the best memory was when we were sat down chilling and then heard Craig David come onto stage and RAN so fast so that we didn’t miss him. He was amazing may I add and then once it was over we left. Sounds silly because we spent all that money on a ticket but we only really went for Craig and he finished at like 9 and then we went home. Such a good day. 
My two lovely Sophie’s bought me a Spa day for my birthday and we finally went on the trip to the Spa and it was so lovely. We just relaxed and a very messy mud treatment. It was just really nice to spend time with 2 of my favourite humans and just chat about random crap whilst smothering ourselves in mud whilst in a sauna. It wasn’t really something we knew much about to be honest but the guy running the spa was HOT so I mean we all just kept thinking about him. 
Sophie’s Birthday

Sophie’s birthday was such a fun night out. All the girls got together, got dressed up and had a Fab night. It was one of those nights out where nothing went wrong, everything was so good. Sophie looked AMAZING. The Birthday girl has to look the best after all. 
Love box

Sophie said that she wanted to go to LoveBox for her birthday so we went to Lovebox and it was actually such a lovely day. We didn’t really go for anyone in particular…there was quite a few decent artists playing so it was more for just the festival itself and having a good time. We did see Frank Ocean and he was amazing but so chill to the point where I nearly fell asleep. The funniest moment was probably trying to get back to Sophie’s car. We ended up having to climb over the biggest fence which was interesting to say the least and then walking the wrong way for an hour before finally getting an Uber back to the car. 
Colchester Zoo
This was such a lovely day…it may have rained non stop the whole time but seeing the animals with one of my fave humans was just so nice. The best bit was when we walked past a stuffed lion and Alex jumped out of his skin thinking it was real. I couldn’t stop laughing. Then going for food after was so lovely…the brownie was just heavenly. 
Balenciaga Exhibition
Me and Sophie often have little trips to places and this was one of the ones we were most excited for. Being 2 fashion fans, we had to go and see this exhibition and it didn’t let us down. The garments were amazing and just being able to see some original Balenciaga designs was pretty cool too. 
ALWAYS take the positive out of something

This is something I have sworn by for the last year and it has made me so much more of a positive person. Life doesn’t always go the way we expect and sometimes you get really down about it but if you take anything away from a situation is should be the positive of that situation. For example I went out with a boy for 2 months and now its over but the positive is that I had really good 2 months and created some lovely memories. Thinking about the positives will help you through life and will make you think in a much better way. If you’re going to learn anything from this post, its that positivity is key. 
See you in my next post!

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