This has got to be the most tiring week yet and there is a lot more to come!
24th July – RECOVERY
Mondays have got to be the least interesting day out of the week. Like in general day to day life its bad but in terms of VM life, it basically consists of tidying the store from the mess that was the weekend and then putting any new lines out that have come in.
I began the day by tidying the Urban trend and then moved into petite and basically just tidied it. For some reason every Monday the shop looks a mess. I don’t really know why but it does. I also had to go through sell throughs in those areas. This means that when something has almost sold out…you just move something else in the place of it or move stock to a different spot which may fit the stock a little better than before. For example in petite there was an arm which had 1 rain coat on it and I just moved a few of the other coloured rain coats onto the arm to fill it up.
I then did a Sales Drive. This was a process of scanning each item in the stock room and seeing what sizes have sold through. If a size has been sold, it will tell you what sizes need to be replenished and then you replen them. Its a pretty straight forward process once you get used to it. After that, I began to put out some new lines which had come into store. It was a bit of a meh day to be honest…nothing exciting happened. Hopefully the rest of the week will bring something more exciting to read. I have the day off tomorrow WHOOOOOOOOP
26th July – SALE
This shift was quite literally the grave yard shift and honestly it was a struggle making it though. I finished work at 1am which was lovely. This shift was all about sale. It was final clearance which meant a load more bits and bobs were going into sale and being a VM I had to help out. To be honest it wasn’t the worst thing to do ever but I had so many little jobs which weren’t the most exciting. I was a sleepy bear during this shift but i made it through. 

The shift started by re organising underwear. One of the underwear statements was moving to another wall and just needed a bit of a shuffle. In a way It was just moving the underwear from one wall to another but a good section of it went into sale so I had to re think how I was going to put it into the wall. Underwear is an absolute ball ache and I’m sure most people who work in retail would agree. It all gets tangled up and falls off the hangers and people knock the underwear off and never pick it up….oh and usually there always mixed up. Luckily it wasn’t actually too bad when I started doing it so it wasn’t too bad. I kinda tidied as I went a long to make sure the underwear was perfectly standardised. 
I then had to move swimwear from the wall onto a fixture which looked awful as there is so many random swimwear pieces but it was it is. It had to be done and didn’t look particularly great but that was what I was told to do. I believe its going to be re done and spread out a bit which I totally would have done if I had time. It needed a nice space because people still want bikinis but if it looks minging no one is gunna buy it. 

After lunch….I finished off underwear by tidying it up a little and making the £5 knickers look more full and aesthetically pleasing. You have to admit you’re more likely to go near something if it looks nice right? It was so incredibly messy before I touched it so it was nice to have it tidy….even if it was for only a day. 
I then re sorted the floor fixture to fill up the side that I had taken some of the £5 knickers from. It looked so much cleaner and tidy which was nice as underwear can sometimes look super full and busy. 

My next job of the evening was sale shoes. Someone had actually done a lot of it already but I had to finish it off which was actually quite a nice job. All I had to do was find the sale shoes that were left to be snickered, sticker them and then pop them in the sale bays. Was quite therapeutic but boy was it hot. It was like being in a sweat box so I did it as quick as I could just to get near some air con. 

My final job of the evening was to pop all the sale bags onto a wall. There was so many ugly ones so it doesn’t look particularly appealing but it is was it is. I did it and by this point I had hit a wall. I was deffo a sleepy bear. 

27th July – NEW FIXTURES 
Today we also did an evening shift but didn’t finish as late. My first job was to replenish he Love and Fan Girl t shirts and put them all onto white hangers. Sounds like a job which wouldn’t take too long and would be pretty quick. No. It took me ages. It was quite therapeutic in a way but customers were shopping it whilst I was changing it so It was going to take me longer anyways. 

Once the shop was shut, We got to do quite an exciting job and un package all the new fixtures. As we are a bigger store, we got sent some new fixtures to replace some of the older ones and they look so nice. BOY where they a right old faff to un package. There was such much packaging and cardboard…It took us a while but it was worth it in the end. They just make the shop look so much more luxurious and more of a flagship style store which is nice. We are classes as a top 30 flagship store which is pretty cool as it is. 


I want to say that I did lots of fun things this day but it wasn’t a good day for me. Its not that work was bad but I had such a bad day. It was the type of bad day that I haven’t had since I was stressed doing my final major project at uni and it was horrible so theres not much fun to come out of my Friday so we’ll skip to Saturday and just pretend this day didn’t happen. I did watch Moana in the evening with my sister which deffo brightened up my day for an hour or so. 


This was a nice little Saturday shift and I was definitely busy for the 4 hours I was at work. I spent my shift finishing sorting out the shoe stockroom. It was in a little bit of a mess after sale and it just needed a right old spring clean. Leah did most of it but I just had to finish it off. It began by sorting out a box of shoes and stickering them for sale and then I sorted out the Last Chance section and made it all pretty and organised and got rid of the empty boxes which had probably been there for a very long time. It was very satisfying seeing it all tidy and sorted out. It was a good Saturday and I was dreading working a weekend. 
30th July – REPLEN

Sunday was a day of replenishing the store. It was quite enjoyable considering I spent most of the time filling up the stock. It all began with the shoe stock room….again. I think I live there now. I put away some new shoes that came in and made sure they were out ready for the store to open. That took me a good hour as I had to re sort the area they were going in and had to make sure the stockroom was still neat and tidy. One of the things I enjoy the most about this job is seeing the new things come in. Its not good for my bank balance tho. 
I then spent the rest of my day taking stock up to the shop floor and making sure sell throughs were replaced with a new item. 
My final jobs of the day was doing a sales drive for both Topshop and Topman. This has got to be one of the nicest jobs in a way as it takes a good amount of time and you’re away from the shop floor so its quiet and you can just get on with it. I weirdly quite enjoy it so whenever someone asks me to do it I’m like yeah ill do it. A sales drive is basically replacing items that have been bought. Weirdly enough Topman always has way more to replen but then they have a lot more stock than Topshop. I had such a good Sunday and I felt really good after it. It was nice to have a day to myself where I could just get on with the jobs I needed to do and then leave work feeling like I accomplished something. Was a good day all in all. 
Not the best week but a decent Sunday to finish it off. Roll on next week which involves a lot more jobs and more to do!
Let me know if you’re enjoying these posts…Im really enjoying writing them!


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