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August 30, 2017

All of us have that one outfit which we love and if someone was asked what would be a Charlotte outfit….This would be it. As you know I’m not the most exciting of dressers but I do always keep it simple and stick to, essentially my style. Its funny when you think about the fact that everyone has their own style and you kinda just create it. No one tells you how to dress or what to wear. You just put it together and it becomes something you like. Your style is just what you chose it to be. Kinda cool when you think about it. It’s why sometimes when you copy someones outfit…it doesn’t look good on you. Its because that outfit was created and made for them so you have to use it as inspiration if you like and adapt it to suit you and create your own version. This outfit is a compilation of my style staples. Im lucky they make an outfit because it means I can share them with you all in one place. 
Lets talk style staples. As you can see they’re all of similar shade…I.e no colour but that makes them go with everything so thats allowed.  Style staples are items in your wardrobe that you swear by…the ones you get far too much wear out of…the items you never stop wearing. 

Lets all be honest here….You have 100% seen me wear this leather jacket far too much. I got this leather jacket for Christmas last year and I haven’t stopped wearing it since. This is an All Saints leather jacket which I believe costs around £300. So I kinda needed to get the wear out of it didn’t I really. Honestly one of the best presents I have ever received and I’m still absolutely in love with it. Before getting this jacket I went through a fair few faux leather jackets and had been wearing a faux leather jacket for about 4 years…I knew that getting a proper one would 100% be the right idea. 
Leather jackets go with literally everything. Doesn’t matter what I’m wearing….the leather jacket will just add the perfect final touch. I prefer wearing this to any other jacket that I own. I have tried to fall in love with my denim jacket but its just not the same. It doesn’t give the same amount of edge. As you know I love to give an outfit a little bit of edge and this is the perfect way to do so. I promise you all need a leather jacket in your life. You don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds on one to be able to get the look, the high street sell some amazingly priced faux leather jackets which I would still be wearing if I hadn’t got this as a present. GO GET YOURSELF SOME EVERYDAY EDGE
Now my style staple black bag changes every now and then. It depends what bag I’m obsessed with at the time. At the moment its this studded detail bag from ZARA and I am obsessed with it. Like I actually can’t stop wearing it. Im having to make myself wear my other bags just because I have worn this one too much already. I think the reason why I love this one so much is because its got a bit of edge and is another item that gives that perfect final touch. Its a great accessory to add to an outfit. Especially if you’re someone who loves to wear black. This just adds a bit of texture and a bit of something different. I just love it.  Adds a little rock chick vibe to an outfit and I am ALL ABOUT THAT. 

Are you bored of the black yet…I hope not. Black jeans are my holy grail item. I probably wear these jeans more than anything else in my wardrobe. Black skinny jeans should live in everyones wardrobe….unless you don’t like them then they don’t need to be in yours. These are the Topshop Jamie jeans and are possibly the best fitting jeans I have ever found…..actually that is an absolute lie what am I even talking about. I have a pair of black levi skinny jeans are they make my bum look fabulous but these are a cheap alternative. Lets face it..cant always be spending loads of jeans. Also I work at Topshop so OBVIOUSLY I am going to buy jeans from there. And I know you’re thinking you work there of course you’d say they’re good but I genuinely love their Jamie jeans. They are the best. Joni jeans however are awful but thats a discussion for another day. If you’re looking for some good fitting high waisted skinny jeans. Topshop Jamie jeans are the way forward. 
Black jeans are another item that will go with everything. Like everything. I wear them so much…I have to make myself wear other bottom options just to give myself a break but secretly I really wanna wear them all the time. 

So you probably know my obsession with T shirts. Im like a boy. You know how boys live in t shirts like 100% of their lives well thats almost me. I mean I wear t shirts probably 70 to 80% of the time. Im not quite on par with boys but you know I’m close. You can’t go wrong with a t shirt if I’m honest. Theres so many different types so you can forever build on your t shirt collection. White T shirts are my most worn as they break up the black for a start but they also give that model off duty look which I am forever going on about. I am a lover of the super thin baggy t shirts that just hang on your body…Theyre so much more flattering than those really stiff cotton ones. You can get them really cheap from H&M and ZARA. 

Converse are an item I have sworn by for about 8 years now. I used to live in my white converse…they were super cool when I was at school and then ever since uni I have been obsessed with black converse. They are such a grungey piece but they go with EVERYTHING. I think I have probably over worn them….no you can’t over wear converse. They’re cool right? 
I remember when I was at uni…people used to be like…of course you’re wearing converse on a night out. I told you they go with everything. I mean if you follow me on Instagram you will know how much I wear these. Converse are such a popular trainer these days so you know might as well milk it whilst they’re cool. Lets face it ill be wearing them as a granny. I CANT GET ENOUGH.
what are your style staples? Do we have any in common? I would love to know
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  • Reply Fabuleuse Du Jour August 30, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    Firstly I love these photos, they're so candid and cool and the location goes perfectly! I love to experiment with bold statement pieces but the white tee is a staple I just keep coming back to over and over! It really is so versatile.

    My other style staples would have to be a collared shirt, they're fab for layering or just worn on their own!

    Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour

  • Reply The Sunday Mode August 31, 2017 at 3:09 pm

    Black jeans are a staple in my wardrobe as well, for so long it's pretty much all I used to wear! I also really love wearing classic tee's but I'm still on the hunt for the perfect white tee!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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