First of all how is July over? Like that rolled around quickly and second of all why does it feel like I have done nothing? 
I havent had the busiest of July’s but I wanted to share with you some of the fun things I have done over july and basically what I have got up to. I was supposed to write a post about a fun weekend I had but me being me I forgot about it and wrote an outfit post instead. 
SO where to begin….
I guess I’ll start with the fact that I got a new job…thats a good way to start. As you may know, if you’ve seen my blog posts, I got a new job as a Visual Merchandiser at a Topshop store. I cant express to you how much I love my new job. I didn’t really expect to enjoy it as much as I do. Its not a forever job but for now and for the experience…its perfect. I have only been doing it for about 3 weeks but already I feel like I have got the hang of it and really enjoy being able to come out of my shift knowing that I spent my time doing something that i enjoyed or knowing that I achieved something whilst I was at work. It was deffo the right move for me and who knows where I’ll be within the next 6 months or so but I’m going in the right direction me thinks. 
One Year On
This month marked a year since I graduated university which I actually wrote a post on….click here to read. I still cant believe its been a year….like thats gone quick. I haven’t really got far with getting an amazing job out of uni like everyone expects but I’m getting there and this new job is taking me that one step closer. Like I said in my one year on post….Im always a good few steps behind everyone else but I’m taking one step forward for me and thats all that matters. BUT GO ME FOR GRADUATING UNI AND FINALLY ENJOYING MY JOB!
Spontaneous Nights
One of the things I love the most is going out with my pals and dancing the night away. We randomly decided to go out all together after oringally planning on having a girly night in. One thing I have learnt is that the spontaneous nights out often are the best and this one didnt let me down. I may have been wearing an outfit I would probably wear to work but I had a fabulous time and was deffo up there with one of the best nights I have had with these girls and this will most definitely not be the last. Please ignore the fact that we all look a little bit sweaty. Revs is like a sweat box from the minute you walk in. Still fun tho. 
Sophie’s Birthday
My gorgeous little princess turned 19 this month and the smile she’s giving in this photo literally replicates the happiness the sophie brings me and I really do hope she had a lovely birthday. We went for a Bills breakfast with Lauren and Georgie before doing a little bit of shopping. It was one of those lovely chilled days before the exciting weekend happened…

Me and Sophie headed to Love Box on the 14th…the friday and had the best time. I didn’t really know who was playing but Sophie really wanted to see Frank Ocean live so I tagged along. I honestly had such a lovely time…me and Sophie always have fun together so we didn’t really need to see any music artists for it to be amazing. Even bumped into my Bae since Day 1 Becca which was so nice as we never get to see each other anymore. I was determined to make sure that I saw her and I did, It was literally so nice to see her after what feels like far too long. We watched a band called Rufus which were actually quite good considering we had no idea who they were. We saw Rag and Bone Man who was insane. Like he was amazing. We also watched Mac Miller….I knew none of his songs but he was actually really good. Like I enjoyed it quite a lot. The final artist we watched was Frank Ocean and I hate to break it to you all but it was SO boring. Frank Ocean is AMAZING live…his voice is incredible but is music is far to  chill for a festival. It was sending me into a sleep. Thats bad I know but honestly I think a festival just isn’t a Frank Ocean kinda place. It also took us bloody ages to get home which didn’t help as we were both so tired and I was loosing all my energy whilst we were on the hunt for a way back. Overall, had a fabulous day with my little cherub. 

My two lovely Sophies bought me a Spa day for my Birthday and only this month did we actually get round to booking it. My birthday was in March. But hey ho it came at the perfect time as we were going out for Sophie’s birthday that night so it was a nice little pamper before the big night. We had a mud treatment which involved going into the shower, then getting into a sauna and then whilst in the sauna rubbing mud all over our bodies. It was pretty messy but it was actually quite nice just to sit there, relax and chat with two of my faves. We then sat by the pool for a bit before heading home to chill before Sophie’s Birthday night out….

After our lovely Spa day, we all went out for Sophie’s Birthday and it was such a fun night. I even got out my red dress for the occasion. I haven’t worn this dress since my 21st birthday and its possibly one of my favourites. It literally makes me feel fabulous…hugs me in all the right places. Sophie looked AMAZING, I was all heart eyed over her and her outfit. 100% a birthday princess. Fabulous night with fabulous people. 
After having a few busy weekends…It was nice to finally have a chilled one which didn’t involve just sitting on the sofa all weekend. I have a lovely weekend with this one and his adorable dog Luna. Had a lovely Friday chilling in the sun and walking the dog followed by a chilled Saturday at the cinema watching Despicable Me 3 which was SO good. It was right up my street…..and Alex’s to be fair….he was loving it more than the children were. 
I have had such a lovely July and safe to say I am a very happy bean at the moment. ROLL ON AUGUST


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