‘I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet’ has got to be one of my most lived by quotes. One of the things I love the most in life is shopping. I know thats a very materialistic thing to say but I just love spending my money on clothes. I have always been told that I have too many clothes but I believe a girl can never have too many clothes. 
Because clothes are my thing and its where the majority of my money goes, I thought it was about time to do a little wardrobe tour. When I say wardrobe tour….I basically mean, come and have a look at my tightly packed walk in wardrobe which is far from a Kardashian wardrobe.  I have had a kind of walk in wardrobe for years which really didn’t utilise the space very well but I took it upon myself to make it more space efficient and I think I was successful. 
It all began with a little shop on the Ikea website which lead me to buying these wall clothing rails and I believe that they cost me around £4.50 each which is a total bargain if you ask me. 

They are strategically positioned on the wall and I will explain how and why. The top rail holds my bottoms…my skirts, shorts, trousers and jeans and then the bottom rail holds all my tops and jackets. I was originally going to have the tops on the top rail but turns out, I have more longer tops than I thought. Basically it just wasn’t gunna work but I actually prefer them being on the bottom as I can easily look through them. 
So then the rail on the opposite wall is slightly higher than the top rail on the other wall and that rail holds all of my dresses, playsuits and jumpsuits. You with me? 
Welcome to the top rail of Charlotte Olivia’s Wardrobe. This is where all of my bottoms live. I am a hoarder of jeans and jeans are basically my favourite bottom item to wear so as you can see I’m lacking in the skirts and shorts department. 
So the rail begins with my small selection of skirts, followed by a few pairs of shorts which literally never get worn these days and then the rail finishes off with my selection of trousers which is ever growing and my selection of Topshop jeans. 
I have also realised whilst writing this post that my clothes are not organised at all and there is actually a pair of jeans just chilling in the middle of my trousers…great blogger I am..(thumbs up emoji)
Say hello to the bottom Rail…waving hand emoji. This is probably the most tightly packed area of my wardrobe. I love buying tops, I have more than enough. I probably have enough to last me everyday for a couple of months. You’d think since I’ve got enough tops, I’d buy more bottoms which is what I really need but nope. Still buying tops. It begins with nice tops, then we go into the very small amount of crop tops I own, then into my large collection of t shirts, followed by long sleeve tops and then finished off with my jackets. I love a good old jacket. Im still obsessed with my All Saints leather jacket sooooo the rest of them haven’t been worn really at all. That is bad. Im gunna wear them more, I’m gunna do it. That fluffy one is my fave…just wait till winter rolls around, I’ll bring it out again. 
Aloha Other rail. This rail hold a range of different versions of Charlotte Olivia. We’ve got sexy tight night out dresses, we’ve got casual t shirt dresses, we’ve got super girly dresses, we’ve got cute playsuits, we’ve got jumpsuits and last but not least my small collection of midi dresses. It’s the one part of my wardrobe which holds so many different me’s. 
I love me a dress…I just dont get enough occasions to wear them. I need to make some plans me thinks. 

You may have spotted that little shelf peeking above my rail and it hold all of my winter jumpers. Winter jumpers are my biggest downfall when it comes to clothes. I love jumpers. I think its because I love being cosy and warm and thats exactly what they do. This is a smaller selection than it used to be but when winter roll around…It will grow and super excited about it.
This area of my wardrobe is kinda random. One box holds my scarfs, One holds my boots but its over flowing so it looks super messy and the other literally holds random bags.

My shoe collection really isnt anything special and we all know that I spend most of my life in converse anyway. If you want a shoe collection holla at me…or comment below and I’ll do one for you lovelies. 
I believe the shoe rack itself is from Argos but I actually can’t remember. 
 My bags have a nice little spot just outside my wardrobe. They sit on a little book shelf which I painted white. I have a range of little bags which sit nicely on the shelves and then the bigger bags/shoulder bags hang off of hooks on door of my wardrobe. I am a lover of a cute little bag and this mustard one from H&M is literally my favourite one at the moment.
I dont have a huge belt collection but then who does? I love me a black belt and they sit very nice on this cute shabby chic hook. They don’t really stay here for long. They usually end up on the floor. Is anyone else with me on that one? 
Did you think that was the end? it’s not. Theres more clothes. Not a huge amount don’t you worry but theres more to show you. This rail is where my new items/items I wanna wear/Items I’m liking at the moment live. When I have something new, I want to make sure that I get some wear out of it otherwise I’ll just take it back. Having it hanging where I can see it means I can hopefully work out whether I will wear it or not.
As you can see this area is very pretty in terms of a wardrobe. Everything that is hung on this rail is hung on a copper hanger. It just looks really pretty and I quite like it. The hangers are from Primark and the rail is from IKEA.

I must not forget PALMY the palm plant. I got this plant not too long ago purely because I wanted a cool house plant so I could be a millimetre closer to being like Zoella. She has cool house plants so I want cool house plants. I got this one from Homebase if you’re wondering…you’re probably not. 
So there you have it…that is my wardrobe and where the majority of my money goes. If there is any kind of post relating to my wardrobe that you’d like to see…leave a little comment and I’ll make sure to do them!

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