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July 12, 2017

Distressed denim is everywhere this season and I certainly cannot get enough. There is so many cool distressed denim pieces out there on the high street at the moment but some of them are hard to get hold of. You know when you have a vision of something you want and you can’t find it anywhere? yeah that was me. That is when I had the idea to show you lovely lot, how to do distressed denim yourself! 
Im no professional so this is just a girl with a fashion degree trying to put some of her skills to use and to be honest I’m pretty chuffed with what I have ended up with. Yay go me. 
—— Story time ——
So I have been on the hunt for a pair of mom jeans that actually fit my stupidly small waist for the longest time. I tried on a pair of size 6 mom jeans in Topshop and they fit me like a size 10….I was like right need to have a look elsewhere because clearly I’m too abnormally small for Topshop mom jeans. I literally searched every website for a nice pair of mom jeans and it just wasn’t happening. I went on the Miss Selfridge website for the first time in about 3 years and came across a pair of white mom jeans which id thought about but not seen anywhere. The only downside was that they were plain but this is where the real reason for this blog post comes into play. 
These jeans are a pair of simple white mom jeans from Miss Selfridge and they cost me £38. Now I totally understand that £38 is a lot of money to spend on a pair of jeans that you’re going to cut up and distress but I have done this so many times before so Im pretty confident that the money will not go to waste. My top tip would be to use a pair of old jeans for your first time distressing your jeans or maybe buy a cheap pair. You can do this with any style of jean. You could do the exact same with a pair of shorts, a jacket or a skirt. Whatever takes your fancy.
D I Y    T I M E

L A Y   D E N I M   F L A T  – First things first…you need to get yourself a pair of jeans or whatever you want to distress and lay the item flat on the floor or table if you’ve got some space….unlike me who has stuff everywhere. 

M A R K   W H E R E   T O   C U T – You now want to mark on the jeans where abouts you want to cut the rip or rips. Its best to try them on before hand to make sure you cut the denim in the correct place. Using a pencil is probably your best bet as it will easily wash out. I didn’t use anything on these as firstly, these are white jeans so you’ve got the be careful but secondly I completely guessed where I cut the rip and you’ll see later how I got around that one. 

C U T   F I R S T   R I P – I decided that I wanted to have one knee ripped rather than both of them. This basically meant that if it went wrong I could easily adapt it and it wouldn’t have to look exactly the same as the other side. Don’t worry too much about the cut being straight as you wont be able to tell once the jeans are on. Distressing is all about the messy look!

F R A Y   E D G E   O F   K N E E   R I P – This is where it gets a little bit more interesting. You want to make sure you have a pair of sharp scissors and you will need to open the up and take slightly sharper edge and brush it along the edges of the rip you just cut. The best way to do it is to hold the two edges together and run the scissors along the edge. 

C H E C K   R I P   I S   C O R R E C T – Once you have completed the initial rip and distressing, take a step back and just see if you’re happy with it so far? Sometimes you might want to add something extra to it but you can always come back to it if you change your mind. 

S N I P   D EN I M   T O   C R E A T E   D I S T R E S S E D   P A T C H – This is totally a optional part to the distressing but I wanted to add a distressed patch to the opposite side just to even it out a little. Using your scissors snip lightly into the denim to create tiny little raised holes in the material. 

R U N   S C I S S O R S   A L O N G   S N I P P E D   A R E A – If you open up the scissors like before and run the sharp edge across the snipped area to distress the area a little more. This will just raise the little holes a tiny bit and give it more of a distressed feel. 

T R Y   O N   J E A N S – At this point I would advise you to try on your jeans just to see if you like what you’ve done and you’re happy with it. I realised that I completely got it wrong and thought my knee was higher than it actually is. So this is where I decided to go a little snip happy to try and make the rip actually get to my knee rather than above it. 

C U T   A   F E W   M O R E   R I P S – Because I got it completely wrong, I decided to add a few more rips to make it look a bit cooler as well as actually being on my knee. I chose to do these below the first rip and did them really messily. This was just because it was going to now me more of a hole than a rip so I wanted it to be super un even and distressed.

D O U B L E   C H E C K   Y O U ‘ R E   H A P P Y – Once you added the extra rips, just double check you’re happy with it. If you don’t think you’ve cut enough rips, go back in and add a few more. You can always come back to it at a later date if you’re not 100% sure.

R U N   E D G E   O F   S C I S S O R S   A L O N G   R I P S – Once agin once you’re happy, run the sharp edge of the scissors along the rips to give them a rough frayed edge. keep going with this until you’re happy with it. 

C U T   H E M S – This is another optional part to the distressing. I chose to cut them as the jeans came pre rolled but there was so much fabric so I just cut off the end to get rid of some of the bulk. I still wanted to be able to roll them up but in a more flattering way, if thats even a thing. 
F R A Y   H E M S – Since I had taken the time to cut the hems of the jeans, I chose to fray them also. Just incase I wanted them un rolled. Using the end of the scissors, pull out threads to created a frayed look .
T O P   T I P 
 To get the full distressed feel, pop them in the washing machine. This should give them that extra distressed feel as the washing machine with naturally fluff up the distressed edges. 
Once you’ve washed them, you’re ready to go! Like I said before, you can do this with any piece of denim and its so on trend at the moment. It’s a great way to stay on trend whilst on a budget.
Happy Distressing!

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    You did these really well and they ended up looking great on you 🙂

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