As well all know, Highlighter is possibly one of the biggest make up trends. Everyone is wearing it and it genuinely makes you feel like a goddess. Who doesn’t want to be shimmering in the sunlight? I mean it 100% adds to a simple make up look….I would know I’m the least creative person when it comes to make up.
I was very luckily gifted this highlighter from my sister and honestly didn’t even know it existed. When I say that I mean, I have heard of the brand but that is literally about it.
You’re about to see what is in side this UFO looking packaging and believe me, you’ll have heart eyes all over it…

Opened the UFO to reveal the highlighter version of Jupiter. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this highlighter is….you can just see it shimmering in the sun. All those different gold shades, Just got heart eyes all over this. I am not going to lie, I was a little bit sceptical about the consistency as it does look a little chunky as if it was glitter…If you know what I mean. But I can tell you now, all judgement went out the window when I swatched the highlighter. 

The minute I saw how amazing the swatch came out, I knew I was going to love this highlighter. Theres something about a gold tone highlighter which is perfect for the summer. It gives the slightly illusion that youre tanned or if you are actually tanned it will complement your skin tone perfectly. The one thing I love the most about this highlighter is that it suits every skin tone and because its so pigmented, you can really build it up. Its one of those products which will look different on everyone but still look amazing. I genuinely feel like a golden goddess with this on and it has become my new favourite. Bye  bye Sleek highlighter, you’re going back in the draw.
I really wanted to show you how the highlighter looks on the face but I really struggled to get a good photo. Its not easy taking photos by yourself and hoping that at least one of them looks some what okay. This photo really doesn’t do the highlighter any justice but you can see that it gives such a natural summer shimmery glow which I know you all are dying to have this summer. I apologise that you can’t see the potential of this product but take my word for it…IT IS 100% WORTH THE SPLURGE!


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  1. June 13, 2017 / 6:00 pm

    I really hate purchasing hyped up products and finding out they weren't worth the hype.. It's good to know that this product is worth it! I think this highlighter will be a bit dark for me but I have my eye on Pearl which is the white version!


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