Denim is HUGE this summer and you can find it in just about any store on the high street. Denim is a interesting fabric to wear at this time of year as it isn’t particularly breathable in the summer weather. Brands are beginning to be more and more creative with the denim pieces they are brining out. Even down to incorporating the summer trends through denim. 
One of the most popular denim trends….aside from the denim jacket…has got to be the denim pinafore dress. Now lets talk about the pinafore dress trend. I am not a fan. I know this outfit post features a semi pinafore dress vibe dress but any who. Im really not keen on the pinafore style and I’m also really not a fan of grown up humans looking like children. I just don’t like the look. For me, being a 22 year old looking 18….the last thing I want to do is look about 5. I have nothing against people who like pinafore dresses and who knows…I could be in one before you know it. For now, I’m standing my ground and staying against it. 
If you’re like me and want to incorporate the idea of a denim dress, I think this outfit is definitely creating the pinafore vibe but in a trendy grown up way….if you know what I mean. I’ll tell you what I am a fan of…distressed denim. I love giving an outfit a grungey vibe and distressed denim is the way forward. I wouldn’t say this dress is particularly distressed but the frayed hems are taking it one step closer. 
This dress is a gem I found in ZARA. We all know how amazing ZARA is at the moment and how many beautiful items they’ve brought out this summer. I saw this dress out of the corner of my eye and was instantly drawn to it….I like I am with everything when I go shopping. Im not usually a fan of light denim but theres something about a 2 tone denim piece with frayed hems which just gets me excited. When I bought this, I really didn’t expect to like it….Zara never ever ever ever ever fits me around the waist. Being a small human doesn’t help when a shop only sells 4 sizes and expects everyone to fit into those. Weirdly enough, it fits okay. To be honest, theres nothing worse than wearing a denim dress thats really tight. You want to at least be able to breathe am I right?
Me being me, I would probably always pair a top underneath the dress as Im not sure Its something I personally would wear by itself. Who doesn’t love layering under summer dresses these days. I have teamed the Zara dress with a striped t shirt from Topshop which is also distressed….actually more distressed than its meant to be. Ignore the hole in my top….I need to sew that up. Im gunna go with saying it adds to the look. I love the way the stripes look with the blue denim, give a slight contrast in a way which I’m loving. 
In traditional Charlotte Olivia style, I have added my trusty converse which I honestly believe you all NEED to go out any buy. If you follow me on Instagram… @iamcharlotteoliva….you would have seen a lot of my outfits recently have featured these bad boys.  I have also added my All Saints leather jacket which is another item that never leaves my body. Geez I really need to stop wearing the same things. 

My bag is from Koko Couture and matches the outfit perfectly. Everything just all comes together when you add a bag. Did you know Koko Couture is stocked in Topshop now?

Since this is a denim edit, I have put together my denim picks of the moment from the high street. Theres so many fabulous denim pieces out there, definitely something for everyone! 
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