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Spring Capsule Wardrobe Picks

May 9, 2017

For a girl who’s obsessed with clothes, a capsule wardrobe isn’t usually something that ever becomes a thing in my life BUT during the spring I tend to naturally wear the same select items….kind of like a uniform. I wanted to share with you a Spring Capsule wardrobe which allows for day time, evenings as well as the change in the weather. We all know us lot here in England are very much used to it raining all of a sudden so naturally this capsule wardrobe doesn’t include a huge amount of summery items….but then it is spring as spring isn’t summer.


A capsule wardrobe starts with knowing your style and the things you tend to go for on a day to day basis. For me jeans are an essential as like I said before, you never know what the weather is going to be like. A t-shirt and a jacket are 2 pieces which are needed as they are basic pieces which can help build outfits. Also a jumper is an actual must have because lets face it, it will most likely be cold. I must not forget trainers. They are an essential item that gets me through not only spring/ summer but the whole year. 
what a capsule wardrobe includes will be different for everyone but these are the pieces which work for me and my style. Perhaps you can take items from my capsule wardrobe and feed them into yours? or adapt it to work for you and your style. 
1. Jeans – possibly my most worn item in my wardrobe. 
2. Trousers – preferably a pair which work well as an evening piece as well as giving off a causal vibe. 
3. Skirt – This also wants to be something you can dress up or down
4. Dress – usually this would be an item you’d want to be able to wear for all occasions but for me a dress isn’t really something I often wear so i’ve gone for a casual option.
5. Cami Top – these are great for the warmer days but also for layering on the cooler days 
6. Basic Tee – T shirts are a must have in my wardrobe…I have too many…makes for a perfect t shirt and jeans combo
7. Graphic Tee – This is more of a trend led item but gives a slightly different take on the t shirt
8. Dark feminine girly top – This is great for the evening as darker colours are perfect for evening wear. 
9. White Tops – I have 2 long sleeve white tops but I am white top obsessed in the Spring/summer so I have given myself a few options
10. Sleeveless white top – Again another option in terms of a white top. 
11. Jumper – An essential for anyone living in England. Nothing worse than being cold. 
12. Girly Jacket – A piece which is great for adding a feminine touch in the evening but also great to add layers for the day time. A good way to add a smarter feminine piece into your capsule wardrobe. 
13. Darker/outerwear jacket – I would usually wear my leather jacket but for the sake of this post and being more spring I have chosen a navy trench style jacket. 
14. Shoes – A pair of white trainers, A pair of nicer girlier trainers, A pair of flat girly sandals and a pair of heeled sandals for the evening/day time. 
15. Bags – one nude side bag for the day time and one slightly nicer more expensive bag for the evening. 
There are many different options when it comes to creating outfits with a capsule wardrobe but I wanted to show you a few that I have put together from my Spring Capsule wardrobe. 
Day To Night Look
The one thing I love about fashion is that there are no rules. An evening outfit to one person might be a casual outfit to another. For this look I have teamed this cool graphic tee from Topshop which says Shut your mouth in french which I really like and paired it with this super cute, super girly frill skirt which is also from Topshop. I love the contrast of the harsh red graphic text with the girliness of the ruffles on the skirt. To add some warmth I have added my navy trench coat which again is from Topshop….can you tell I like Topshop…  which works perfectly with the skirt. I would probably team the look with my white trainers for a casual vibe and for an evening look I would add my heeled sandals. 
Girly Spring Date
I say girly spring date but you could wear this any day of spring. This is my type of spring outfit. As I said in the items to include in your capsule wardrobe section of this post, I love a white top and in spring especially I can’t get enough. This is a typical way that I would style my white tops. I have popped a pair of blue jeans with the white top and then added a pink jacket from Topshop for a little bit of colour and to add a bit of fun to the outfit. As this is more of a date look, I have added my Ted baker clutch bag and would finish the look with a pair of cute pink girly sandals. Mine are from H&M and are perfect for giving a girly vibe to an outfit. 
Day To Night Look – Striped Trousers

These striped trousers are the statement piece of my capsule spring wardrobe. I think all wardrobes need a statement piece and I wanted to show you how I would style these for a casual day look but also for a smarter evening look. 

This day time look is super casual and very on trend with what we are seeing in the high street stores at the moment. Usually when you have a statement piece, you want to keep the rest of the outfit pretty simple but sometimes its fun to push the boundaries a little. Graphic/slogan tees are everywhere at the moment, I know for a fact that Topshop have a huge amount of slogan tees. I really like the contrast of the red slogan with the striped trousers. To stop it looking like too much fabric all at once, I have twisted the bottom of the t shirt to show a little bit of stomach. Sometimes it’s nice to show a little bit of skin. Twisting the front go the T-shirt continues that casual vibe and to make sure the casual vibe flows throughout, I have added my white Adidas trainers which give such a cool edgey fashiony feel to the look. Makes me feel like one of those people who are super high up in the fashion Industry. 

For the evening look, I swapped the t shirt for this crisp sleeveless top from H&M. The top has a shirt material feel to it which instantly makes it feel smarter and perfect for the evening. This top cinches up the sides and is supposed to be tied at the sides. To give a more creative fitted look, I have wrapped the ties around my waist and tied them at the back. By doing this, you’re instantly showing off the smallest part of your waist and creating the perfect contrast between the pulled in waist and the loose flowing trousers. I’m not wearing shoes in this shot because I actually forgot to put them on but a simple pair of black heeled sandals give the ideal finish to the look. Its more of a smarter evening look but I think it really works and can easily be adapted to your style. Perhaps instead of these striped trousers, you could switch them for a pair of black trousers.
Cooler Spring Day
My final outfit build is one which I think many of us will find ourselves going for over the spring summer. That my friends is the idea of wearing a dress or skirt, in this case a denim dress….with a jumper. We are never going to escape the cold weather here in England, if it warm during the day…its going to be cold in the evening. I have layered this chunky knit jumper from Zara over the top of this distressed denim dress. I love the contrast of the think knit with the distressing. It gives such a warm casual street style vibe to the look. I would team this outfit with a pair of trainers and as you can see from the photos, this nude bag which brings the outfit together perfectly.
Shoes are a difficult one when it comes to living in England during the spring. We all know that at some point during spring, the boots will come out. Im looking more on the optimistic side of spring with these capsule wardrobe picks.
White Trainers
You can never go wrong with a pair of white trainers in the spring summer, they go with literally everything and keep your style looking fresh. 
Flat Girly Sandals

These are the perfect sandals for giving a girly look to the outfit. I literally adore them and even with a simple t shirt and jeans look they just look fabulous. 
Heeled sandals

These are my favourite heeled sandals of all time. They go with everything and honestly believe you all need to go and get yourself a pair. Not only are they comfortable but they look so gorgeous on your feet. You need them.
Different Trainer Option

These aren’t essential but boy are they the most beautiful vans you have ever seen. These are a sand coloured suede old skool pair of vans and they are to die for. They scream spring and are another pair of shoes which go with every spring outfit. Can you tell it’s key to have shoes that go with everything in your capsule wardrobe?



When it comes to spring, you want to keep everything fresh and light….unless black is your think in spring then maybe not. I think the same goes for your bag choice. Theres nothing worse than having something harsh like a black bag against a beautiful girly outfit. I have chosen my stunning Ted Baker clutch bag which makes a perfect evening bag and this Pull & Bear Chloe due bag which makes a perfect day bag. Its important that you have both in a capsule wardrobe. You want to be able to make sure your outfit transitions into the evening.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. It has been really fun to photograph and write. I know its been a long one so if you’ve got this far, I’m proud of you!

Please Please do let me know what you think, I want to create content that you guys will enjoy!

Charlotte Olivia

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