Bank holiday weekends are always an excuse to go out and enjoy yourself. For me, its usually a weekend of work because thats what you get when you work in retail but this Bank Holiday, I actually had some exciting plans and having plans is one of my favourite things. 
My wonderful weekend was originally going to start by going to see Ariana Grande but due to the devastation that happened in Manchester, that obviously didn’t happen. I cant express how sad the Manchester attack made me feel, It honestly really got to me and I can’t even begin to understand how the victims families are feeling. It really threw me off and to be honest, I actually wasn’t looking forward to the weekend, I just felt like it wasn’t fair to enjoy myself when these young and older people have had their lives taken away from them. But then I thought to myself, do you know what…one of the things to remember to take away from this awful attack is to just go out and enjoy yourself because you don’t know what is around the corner. 
So because of that, I really wanted to make the most of the time that I had off work. It doesn’t happen often that I get 4 days off in a row so I wasn’t going to waste them. Better yet, it was so warm and sunny and I love going out and doing things in the sun. I just love it.

Due to the weather being so glorious for once, my mum, sister and I decided to go out for lunch. We ended up going to a pub which I would actually say is one of my favourites. Its a cute, I wanna say little but its actually not little, pub with a really nice garden and I love being able to sit in a pub garden in the summer with a drink. It was literally the perfect day for it. I got myself a nice berry cider and had a BLT for lunch and it was amazing. I love me some simple food. 

Since my sister has only just come back from Australia, it was so lovely to sit in the sun and just chat about everything and anything. After sunning ourselves for a bit, we went off and did a little bit of shopping and I didn’t buy anything….which is actually quite a big shock because I am ALWAYS shopping. 

At Christmas my sister and I bought my mum 3 tickets to the Chelsea Flower Show which she had being going on about wanting to go for the longest time and being the lovely daughters we are, we thought it would be a present that she would really enjoy. My mum being the cutie she is, asked me and my sister to come along with her, so that is what we did. Our tickets only allowed us to go in after a certain time so we had a nice relaxed morning before heading to London. I fell in love with Chelsea once again and it is honestly one of my favourite places in London, its literally beautiful. We even had time to stop off for drink before we headed to the event.

Considering me and my sister were 2 of the youngest people there and it was an event based around gardens, I actually had such a lovely time. Theres something about flowers that just puts you in a good mood. It was also such a lovely day in terms of weather but also just being able to spend time with my mum and sister. The best part was how happy my mum was. Probably the best and most worthy present we’ve ever bought her and by the end of it, I even wanted to make my own little garden. Garden furniture is so cool these days!

This garden… the photo above… was my favourite and I think it was quite a few peoples favourite actually. This garden was done for a charity which basically takes in ill horses and makes them better and healthy again. Thats an awful description of what that charity does but you get the gist. This horse statue is made out of horse shoes…you can probably tell that by looking at the photo….and fun fact, the queen gave 2 of her horses horse shoes to go towards the sculpture. That instantly had me hooked as I LOVE the queen…she melts my heart. 

If you follow me on Instagram….If you dont…you should…im obsessed….Then you will probably have seen all these photos already but if you haven’t…enjoy! On Saturday me and my best pal Sophie went to WE R FSTVL or We Are Festival and it was such a fun day. Our main reason for going was purely to see Craig David who was A-MAZING may I add. Can I get an Ohhhhhh Yeaaah – that ones for you Soph. We so nearly missed his set and then we heard his heavily voice and RAN to the stage. Once of my favourite moments with Sophie so far and honestly looked like a pair of loonies dancing and singing from the top of our lungs but its now up there with one of my favourite memories. 

If you’re wondering…My dress is from Primark and I wanna say it cost me about £13 but I could be totally wrong. It genuinely looks like something from Topshop and I’m in LOVE with it. Its not your typical festival outfit…I can assure you now, most of the girls were wearing a lot less than me but hey ho, I loved my outfit.

Sophie will probably hate me for adding these photos in but she’s my best pal and I can’t not include her in this post. It was such a fab day and talking of fabulous….this pizza was on point. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the company but the pizza was amazing!
One of my favourite moments from Saturday has got to be the point where we had seen who we went to the festival for and about an hour later after Craig David had finished his set…we went home. Most people would stay and keep going with the night but it was so nice to just go and enjoy the festival but leave at a good time and actually get home by midnight. I was still unbelievably tired but it was 3 in the morning when I got back so can’t complain. 
It was a lovely day and I wanna say a massive thanks to Sophie for coming with me and being just as in love with Craig David as I am…bffs for life…I’ll stop with the cringe now.
Im very thankful for the lovely weekend I have had and being able to spend it with some of my favourite humans just tops it off. 
Recently, I have learnt that sometimes you need to just switch off and go out and have fun. I sometimes put a lot of pressure on myself to be this amazing blogger who’s always on it and constantly posts and dedicates her life to her blog. Dont get me wrong I LOVE my blog and I dedicate a lot of my time to it but I think recently I’ve got myself caught in this web of why aren’t I doing so well and really doubting myself but this weekend has made me realise how I really just need to be me and post what is me. I love outfit posts and theyre my favourite thing to do but I need to live my life just as much as the next person and maybe documenting more of my life is what I should do…I have just had a bit of a revelation I think. I know that my style of photos has changed a lot in the last year and it used to be all white backgrounds and I know thats what people like but its not really what I like anymore so I’ve changed it up a little and I’m quite enjoying it. Even if no one really likes it.. I like it so thats all that matters right. Okay you’re probably bored of my little speech here so I’m gunna leave it here
Over and out!
Did I really just type that? oh well leaving it in!

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