Yesterday I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to a press day at Task PR. I have been apart of many PR events and normally I’m on the hosting side but yesterday I got the chance to be the person viewing and I really liked it. I’m not really 100% sure what youre supposed to do at an event like this, Obviously I took loads of photos but I dont really know where I come to play in this kind of situation. I am not a big blogger so I highly doubt I’ll be influencing anyone but It was such a cool experience and to finding out about some interesting brands was really cool. I really dont know why Ive just used cool twice in the same sentence, I never use that word….or do I?
Since I’m a newbie to this whole Press day thang, I thought I would share with you some go the photos and brands that I was exposed to at the event. So for any of you fashiony people who are interested or just wanna have a nosey, have a little read. 

These Gerri Weber boots are to die for.  The minute I saw them, I was like I need. Nothing beats a good pair of chelsea boots in the autumn winter and the studs add a little edge which I’m all about when it comes to adding something to a basic outfit. 

 Caroline Gardner is a brand you might have heard of as Caroline is well know for her cards. As a brand, they have branched out into stationary, accessories and now bags. Its a lovely homey kind go brand which I actually love. Im a sucker for stationary, makes me feel really motivate

Those stone coloured boots, yeah I wanted those too. I loved the edge side to this brand.

You may have come across swell on Urban outfitters, their bottles are beautiful. Weird to say about a water bottle but who doesn’t want a pretty water bottle which is totally Insatgramable. 

Graduate Fashion Week has a little tiny spot in my heart. I took my final major project to the event last year and became a finalist for the styling award. One of my favourite achievements at uni as it proved to me that Im actually alright at styling and what I do. If you study fashion and have the chance to take your work to Graduate Fashion Week, do it. I didn’t get much from it but knowing I was a finalist for an award made it worth while. Its the small things in life. Task PR work with Graduate Fashion Week and help with getting tickets for the event. 
If you haven’t heard of this hat brand, I feel like you’ve probably been living under a rock. These hats are beautiful and you can tell that they’re made to a perfect standard. Lock and Co are known for their menswear hats but they have a beautiful collection of womenswear hats which are literally to die for. 

I hope enjoyed having a look and some of whats to come from TASK PR’s brands. It was really fun to do something different and feel important with something like this!
Charlotte Olivia


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