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A Little Catch Up…

March 13, 2017
So you’re probably not wondering where I have been recently but you may have noticed that there has been a lot less posts on my blog over the last month. For some reason I have just not been motivated at all to blog. I absolutely love to share my outfits with the wonderful world of the internet and since I have been working with a photographer to take outfit photos for me, I have become so demotivated about posting anything other than the outfits I shot with the photographer. I do not have a clue why I have become a recluse in the blogging world when its one of the things I love to do the most. I think I just don’t really see any photos I’ve taken myself being any where near as good as the professional ones, beating myself down once again. Geeeeez I need to just not do that. To be honest It really doesn’t make any difference how random my photography or posts are but I think I just want everything to be perfect on my blog and its just not gunna be really. Ive just been in a bit of a rut which I’m really trying to get myself out of. Today is the day I’m gunna, fingers bloody crossed, get out of my blogging rut. 
So to kick start this I’m back motivated Charlotte Olivia who will blog as much as she possibly can, I thought I’d just update you on whats be going on with me. Well as you may know I have been working with a photographer to take some of my blog photos which I have really been enjoying but due to work it makes it impossible to find time and free days that work for both of us. Any photographers out there who wanna work with me? send me a message, Im totally up for getting some other photographers on board! 
One of the reasons why I haven’t been so on it is because my days off fall on the weekends and I often end up being busy on the weekends which leaves me no time to do anything else. I mean I can make time but I just haven’t been. I have been keeping my social life alive which is something I’m keen to up keep so I have been enjoying my free time. I have got some exciting plans coming up which I am hoping to share with you so keep you’re eyes peeled for that. When I say exciting I mean its my birthday pretty soon and I’m going on a little road trip as well as going on holiday in April so got some lifestyle posts which will be hitting your screens over the next few months. So if I go MIA again for  a week or so you’ll know exactly where I am. 
I suppose the real reason as to why I haven’t been blogging is just because Im enjoying my life at the moment and blogging has just taken a back seat. Not intentionally but its just happened. Sometimes you just need to take a break from things to make you realise how much you miss it. I am always on Twitter and Instagram so if you need a little Charlotte Olivia dosage, head over there I’m always chatting away about random things!
I would love to know what content you like to see from me, like do you like the outfit posts I used to do taken in my room? if so i’ll totally go back to doing that cause I really enjoyed it. Or do you prefer the outfits taken in a street? let me know!
Charlotte Olivia


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