High End Make Up Must Haves

High End Make Up Must Haves
I have always been someone who uses drugstore make up and genuinely believe some of the drug store products are almost if not on par with the high end version. However over the last year I have delved into the world of high end make up and I can tell you right now, Its kinda difficult to get out of. What I’m showing you in this post is pretty much the only high end make up I own but they are products that I love. 
First things first…i’m the realest… 
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation 
I bought this foundation on an absolute whim not knowing if it was going to work for me or if its was even going to be the right shade BUT it all worked out and now I am in love with this foundations. It gives such a glowy look as you would expect and also gives pretty good coverage which you layer. If you like the matte look, this isn’t the foundation for you but it gives a healthy glow and stays all day which is an absolute win win in my books. I would 100% recommend. In terms of finding which shade to buy, I went for the lightest one as I’m super pale but maybe go to a bars counter or maybe try a friends if they own it. Its pretty pricey so don’t do what I did and find the colour is way to dark for you!
Bare Minerals Bare Skin Concealer
This one is a very new find but a find I need to share. I usually use the revlon colour stay concealer which is pretty amazing for the price you pay but I wanted something that would mask my tired eyes and this one had good reviews on feel unique so I thought id give it a try. Oh my is it an underrated concealer. Its full on coverage which is exactly what I needed to cover not only my tired eyes but my horrible spots which just seem to disappear when I use this. The best bit is that you don’t actually need a lot which makes everything so much better. I would 100% recommend this  one for you all to try out, I LOOOOOOOVE it. 
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
This mascara has been one of my favourite products for a good few years now and honestly I wouldn’t wear any other mascara. Nothing I have tried has lived up to it. I mean I’m sure the really high end mascaras are amazing but their not in my price range. The main reason I love this mascara is because it makes your lashed look long and voluminous without even needing to curl your lashes. Its like the easy way out when it comes to mascara. I am a girl of simplicity when it comes to make up so I love that this takes away too much effort. Honestly though I would recommend trying this, SO worth the £19.50 price tag!
Benefit Hoola Bronzer

You’re probably bored of me saying how amazing all these products are and this one is also just as amazing. I got this bronzer as a Christmas present and had been wanting to try it out for ages but never wanted to spend the money but oh my I love it. When I first used it I wasn’t sure at all as its an incredibly pigmented bronzer and I’m the palest human going so I genuinely looked like I had a muddy patch on my face but I’ve learnt how to work with it now. Its probably one of those bronzers which suits every skin type, you just have to find a way which works for you. If you’re pale like me I would recommend getting a contour fluffy brush as it makes it easier to blend the bronzer into your face and stops that muddy look happening. I mean I would recommend that for everyone but it definitely helps.
Clinique Lip Stick

This isn’t really a must have product but I wanted to show you a complete look in terms of high end make up. I have a few Clinique lipsticks which I got free with various Clinique skincare purchases but I love them. I don’t often wear lipstick as I kind of forget that lipstick is a thing. Im loving liquid lipsticks at the moment and I’m eager to try the Bare Minerals liquid lipsticks they recently brought out. Anyway I’m drifting off topic. If you’re ever purchasing Clinique skincare, getting the free make up gift sets they do is always a great way to try new products. I have tried a few good lip products from Clinique as well as eye shadow palettes which are always useful. I think the high street lipsticks are just as good as high end which is why I don’t actually have a high end lip product which I love. 
What are your High end make up must haves? Id love to know! If you’ve got any recommendations do let me know as I’m keen to try more high end make up. 
Charlotte Olivia

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