Fun & Flirty This Valentines

Fun & Flirty This Valentines
With Valentines day round the corner we’re all on the hunt for the perfect valentines outfit. Whether you’re spending it with your love, your best girl friends or wanting to buy yourself a new outfit like me, its a decision that needs to be made.
I have never really been into valentines day nor have I ever had a valentine so Im probably not the best person to come to in terms of valentines day outfit advice but something fun and flirty is always a good way to go. If you’re like me and fancy splurging on a new outfit and treating yourself this valentines day OR you’re looking for something to wear this valentines as well as the up coming months, this outfit might be a place to start. 
Valentines day doesn’t fall in the warmest of months, unless you’re in country like Australia, So finding an outfit which doesn’t involve hundreds of layers isn’t an easy one. This dress is perfect for this time of year but also can be transitioned into a summer holiday evening dress. Its fun and flirty but still fits perfectly in my monochrome wardrobe. The dress has the most beautiful fluted sleeves which can not get enough of at the moment. Frilly details are what my wardrobe lives for a the moment. I have belted the dress to cinch in the waist and give a feminine figure and keeps the flirty vibe flowing. I am wearing tights in this look and it does actually look better without but girl its cold and thats something we’re going to have to deal with. To complete the look I have added my Zara sock boots and this adorable fluffy bag which adds a little texture to the outfit. 
Dress – Missguided at ASOS | Belt – ASOS | Boots – Zara (something similar) | Bag – Topshop
Photography – Kyle Galvin 
What do you think of the outfit? Let me know in the comments 
Charlotte Olivia 

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