Charlotte Olivia Styles – Topshop Jamie Jeans

Charlotte Olivia Styles – Topshop Jamie Jeans
As you know I post a lot of outfits on my blog and creating outfits is one my favourite things to do. I wanted to bring a new series to you which shows you how to style 1 item in a way in which you could wear it everyday but look different each day. To begin I have started with something that I’m sure you’ve seen all over my blog already. 
I am a huge lover of the Topshop Jamie jeans and pretty much wear them every day to work. Since I love them so much and wear them far too much for my own good, I thought I would share with you how versatile they are by styling them 5 different ways. I Know that they are a simple pair of black jeans and you can wear black jeans hundreds of ways but I wanted to show how you can wear them every day but look different in every outfit. I have tried to show a range of looks for different occasions to suit those of you who go to college or uni as well as those of you who work in an office. So lets jump right in and show you the outfits that I have created. 
1. Casual Jamie
This outfit here is one of those that I would wear to work if I was feeling really lazy or if I just fancied a really casual look for that day. This look is great for those of you at college or uni as its super simple but still looks put together. You really can’t go wrong with an oversized tee, jeans and trainers if you ask me. This oversized tee was found in Zara but you can find tops like this every where or if not, buy a t shirt in a few sizes too big to give that oversized feel. I have teamed the look with my favourite trainers of the moment which are my Old Skool Vans but if you’re more of an Air Max or Superstars girl, go for them instead. As its cold, I have finished the look off with my Topshop Puffer coat which is another item I wear religiously. Its super warm and super on trend which is win win if you ask me. It does give that michelin man look but thats something I can deal with for the warmth factor. 
2.  Winter Casual Jamie
This is one of my favourite outfits ever. Mainly because I LOVE this jumper. I love a good knitted jumper anyway but this just has me going all heart eyed. I found this in Zara recently, put in on and fell for it straight away. I am lover of a detailed sleeve and these sleeves are to die for. You dont need this jumper for this look but any lovely knitted jumper works perfectly for this look. Its still on the casual side but because the jumper has more of a luxury look, it gives the casual look a bit of umpf. I have added a pair of boots but likewise you could wear trainers or whatever takes your fancy. I have also added my lovely Anya Hindmarch bag which goes along the lux feel of the outfit. To finish off the look, I have added my incredibly warm Zara shearling coat which just completes the outfit perfectly.
3. Semi Dressy Jamie
I am loving the lace over the top kinda look at the moment. Its the perfect way of making a simple top feminine. I have layered this lace top which I recently bought from Zara over the top of this ribbed knit from New Look. The knit jumper has a beautiful frilly neck which works perfectly with the feminine lace top. I have gone for a different type of boot for this look which gives a dressier feel to the outfit. I am not really a fan of knee high boots over jeans but I really like this outfit and think its works perfectly for the style of outfit it is. It keeps the look feminine but gives a bit of sexiness but I am totally diggin. Who doesn’t love to add a bit of sexiness to a kinda casual outfit? To keep warm, I have added my leather jacket which completes the look perfectly and this is definitely one I will be wearing out! If knee high boots aren’t you’re thing, trainers or ankle boots would work just as well. 
4. Dressy Jamie
I am not really a very dressy person unless I’m wearing a proper night out outfit so this is about as dressy as it gets. I have gone for a very simple all black outfit as its what I do best. I have teamed the jeans with this beautiful fluted sleeve top from Topshop which is so feminine and girly and thats just what you need when you’re looking for a dressier outfit. A simple top which has a little bit of a sassy vibe. For shoes, I have gone for a pair of open toe sandal shoe which I recently got from Topshop. These are the perfect type of shoe for this look as they’re dressier but they’ re not a pair of heels. If you’re wanting an outfit for a night out,  a pair of heels would look amazing and really give that night out look. To finish off the look and carry on the simplicity I have added this black coat as well as a rose gold clutch for a little bit of colour. 
5. Smart Jamie
I don’t usually do the smart look but I love this outfit and love the vibe it gives. I found this striped slouchy shirt in the Zara sale as wasn’t too sure on how to style it. Being a slouchy shirt, its not the smartest of outfits but its a good way to incorporate a trendy look into a smart wardrobe. To keep the smart look running through the outfit, I have added these patient loafers which I wish I could wear more but my feet get cold so they’re a bit of a no go at the moment. To finish the look, I have added my black coat again as it has a smarter vibe which keeps the outfit looking put together and also added this quilted bag which finishes the look perfectly!
What do you think of this style of post? If you have anything you’d like me to style, let me know! These posts will be coming every 2 weeks or maybe every 3 weeks depending on how my work schedule works out but I will for sure let you know when they’re coming! 
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