BLOOMS DAY 16 – Festive 90’s Vibes

BLOOMS DAY 16 –  Festive 90’s Vibes
This outfit is inspired by my girl crush Ariana Grande but it makes a great festive christmas outfit if you got lots of parties to go to this season. I love this outfit, makes me feel so sassy! Its incredibly simple and you can adapt it to your style if parts of the look aren’t quite your thing. For instance the fluffy jacket could be changed for a leather jacket for more of a grungey biker look or you could go for a bomber jacket it you’ve got a statement one. This cami dress is from Missguided and was worth every penny, its so lovely. I believe it was £20 which is so good! I have teamed the dress with this fluffy jacket I got for Christmas last year and these sock boots which I am sure you’ve seen plenty of times all ready if you follow my blog. Finally I added a couple of chokers to add a little bit of detail. These chokers defiantly finish off the 90’s vibe that this outfit has going on. I love it. 
What do you think?
Charlotte Olivia


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