BLOGMAS DAY 7 – Whats In My Advent Calendar? Week 1

BLOGMAS DAY 7 – Whats In My Advent Calendar? Week 1
Advent calendars have got to be one of my favourite things about the lead up to Christmas. This year I really want to get my hands on a beauty advent calendar and for ages I really didn’t know which one I wanted. Im not majorly into beauty so I really didn’t have a brand that I loved enough to pick BUT then I saw how amazing the Look Fantastic one was and I had to get it. I believe it cost me £70 and it hasn’t let me down at all. It’s only been 7 days and there is some beaut products to try. 
DAY 1 – Pixi Glow Tonic
This is a product I have heard so much about but never thought of trying. I love my clinique version of this product so whether this will replace that I dont know but I’m excited to try it and see. I’ve heard its good but we’ll have to see whether it lives up to its expectations.
DAY 2 – RITUALS  Body Cream
Rituals is another brand which I have heard amazing things about and this is something I am looking forward to trying. This product smells amazing and wasn’t expecting such a decent sized product in the advent calendar. Very impressed. 
DAY 3  –  INIKA Loose Powder Blush
Im not usually a blush kinda gal but I’m interested in trying this as its more of a nude colour which means it should be quite subtle on the face. If you know me, you’ll know I’m all about the minimal look so this could be the perfect product for me. Its a good sized product as well.
DAY 4 –  Thisworks Sleep Plus Pillow Spray
I have never tried a product like this and I can imagine on those nights when I cannot stop thinking about the endless things I need to do, this could be one to try. Its a perfect size for travelling as well. This could definitely come in handy. 
DAY 5 – Monuskin Illuminating Primer
Primer is something that I don’t often get on well with. Sometimes it works for me and other times it really doesn’t. I will give it a go as sometimes the high price point products do actually work better but I always forget that primer is a thing – thats how you know I’m not a major beauty lover. 
DAY 6 – Moroccanoil 
This is my favourite thing so far. I have always wanted to try this but never really wanted to spend the money on it. This is another product that I have heard really good things about and I’m really excited to try this one. This product is also a really great size. Look Fantastic, you’re spoiling me and we’re only 6 days in. 
DAY 7 – Nudestix Lip and Cheek Pencil
I love a good old lip product so I’m excited to try this one out. I can’t explain to you how creamy it is and I love the nudey brown colour, its right up my street. The fact it doubles up as a cheek pencil too is amazing, another one which is perfect for traveling. It also has a sharpener on the other end which makes life easy. Really excited to try this one. 
So there you have it, that is what I have received in the advent Calendar so far. Im looking forward to seeing what other goodies I get over the next coming weeks. I also hope you enjoyed this post! 
See you tomorrow
Charlotte Olivia

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